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Reviews of adult care and support plans

Keeping support plans under review is an important way of ensuring they are up to date, relevant, and they are meeting the needs of the person. Without a review, plans could become quickly out of date meaning that a person is not obtaining the right care and support to meet their changing circumstances. Plans can also identify particular outcomes that the person wants to achieve which need periodic review to ensure they are on track or they are still relevant to the person's wellbeing.

A review is a positive opportunity to take stock. The review will cover things like whether care and support is still arranged in the best way to meet the outcomes identified. It will also look at any new needs that have emerged or if particular goals have been achieved or not. It will also look at the wider picture of how you live your life, your support networks and whether anything has changed that has impacted in a positive way, or perhaps in a negative way on your life. The review will consider whether your personal budget is sufficient to meet your eligible needs and how effectively it is being used.

The review will be proportionate to the level and complexity of your care and support plan. Most reviews are completed face to face and the appointment to arrange the review booked in advance. You may wish to ask a member of your family or friend who is involved with your care to attend and help you at the review. If you have no one to help you participate in the review the council can arrange for an independent advocate. Some reviews could be carried out over the telephone or sometimes another professional person will carry out the review on behalf of the council.

How frequently you will receive a review will be agreed at the care and support planning stage. In most circumstances, where there are significant care and support arrangements in place, you will receive an initial "light touch" review to ensure your new care arrangements are working as you anticipated and any necessary adjustments made. After this time you will receive a review at least annually.

If your circumstances change, for example an unexpected deterioration in your health and wellbeing, the review can be brought forward. You, or someone acting for you, also have the right to request a review of your care and support arrangements which the council must consider.

To request a review, either contact your social care worker or social worker, if you currently have one allocated to you, or email the Access, Triage and Intervention Service on or telephone on 01905 768053.