Planning monitoring and enforcement

Planning monitoring and enforcement

Monitoring of minerals, waste management and County Council’s developments to ensure that they are being carried out properly.

Monitoring and enforcement

Worcestershire County Council monitors the following:

  • minerals (e.g. quarrying)
  • waste management (e.g. scrap yards, sewage treatment works and landfill)
  • the County Council’s own developments 

The do this to ensure that they are being carried out properly in accordance with their planning permissions.

The County Council investigates alleged breaches of planning control and takes enforcement action when necessary to do so, in accordance with Worcestershire County Council’s Enforcement Plan (PDF).

Raising mineral or waste issues

Enforcement matters connected to mineral, waste management and Worcestershire County Council's own developments can be raised by contacting us.

Raising other issues

Enforcement matters connected to other forms of development such as household extensions, residential, commercial, advertisements and works to listed buildings are not matters investigated by Worcestershire County Council.

These should be directed to the local district council enforcement team. 


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