Worcestershire resettlement

Worcestershire resettlement

Support and advice for families and individuals who have been resettled in Worcestershire through government programmes. 

We have welcomed almost 2000 people through various schemes since 2016 and these pages are designed to help all individuals across the County that have resettled in our region. Here you can find information which will help all who settle into Worcestershire understand what services are available to you and/or your family, whether you have just arrived or lived here for a while. We hope you find this useful.

Worcestershire resettlement schemes

Information about the schemes we have available in Worcestershire and how we can help.

Welcome groups and how to help

Find out about the various welcome groups in Worcestershire, and information on how you can help support people resettling in the UK.

Local and national support organisations

Useful links and contacts for organisations that offer support for those resettling in the UK.

Access to benefits, healthcare and education

Information and signposting support on how to access benefits, healthcare and education, including learning English, in the UK.

Housing and hosting

Advice and support on how housing works in the UK and information for those hosting.

County team and local news

Find out more about the team and what is happening across the County.

You can contact the resettlement team by email: resettlement@worcestershire.gov.uk 

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