This page offers advice and details on how to report a flood and new plans and schemes to prevent flooding.

Flood emergency advice

On this page you can find out more information about planning, managing and recovering from a flood.

Report a flood

Report a flood on a highway, main river and other areas.

Flood risk and development

Planning plays a fundamentally critical role in flood risk management.

Consent to carry out works on a watercourse

If you wish to carry out works on or near a watercourse you will need to submit your work plans.

Flood investigations

Worcestershire County Council has a duty to investigate flood events it deems to be 'significant.'

Flooding and your property

This page gives advice on how to prepare you property for flooding and to find out if any flooding is forecast.

Flooding plans, policies and strategies

View plans policies and strategies for flooding in Worcestershire.

Flooding roles and responsibilities

Responsibility for flood risk management is shared amongst a number of different organisations and individuals.

Natural Flood Management

The aim of the project is to hold back water in upstream areas by applying natural methods in order to 'slow the flow' of water.

Types of flooding

This page identifies the different types of floods and who are responsible for them.

New flood schemes in Worcestershire (Environment Agency)

Severn Stoke

£1.8 million scheme will protect homes and business in historical village of Severn Stoke.

Toronto Close, Worcester

The Environment Agency is designing a new flood risk management scheme for a residential area of Worcester to protect homes from flooding.

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