Paying for care and support

Paying for care and support

Paying for care, calculating your care costs and support you may be eligible for towards the cost of your care.

Make a payment for your care

Pay online for homecare, day care, respite, residential care, nursing care or care in a care home.

What you need to know about paying for care and support

Information about future care costs, planning for care and what you may need to pay yourself.

Covering the cost of your care (Financial Assessment)

If you are assessed as having an eligible care or support need you will then need to have a means tested financial assessment.

Finding and paying for care and support myself (self funding)

If you are funding care yourself we can still help you to search for and arrange care and support to meet your needs.

Personal budgets

If you've had a care and support assessment a personal budget is the money allocated by us to help meet your care and support needs.

Deferred payments (what will happen to my home)

For people who own their own home, but either do not wish to or cannot sell it immediately and cannot meet the full cost of their care home fees from their other income or capital.

Making financial decisions on someone else's behalf

You may need to make financial decisions on someone else's behalf and you may need support and guidance to be able to do this.

Direct payments

If you have a personal budget allocated by us, direct payments are how you can pay for your care and support.

Pre-paid card switchover

Information about the pre-paid card provider change for Direct Payments.

Benefits, debt and money advice

Managing finances such as bills, debts borrowing and planning for the future.

Continuing Health Care (NHS Funded)

If your main need for care is because of your health, you may be eligible for NHS "continuing health care" (CHC) funded support.

Community Services Directory

Enables you to search for support or services in your area.

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