Care and support plans

Care and support plans

Once assessed as eligible for social care, a personalised care and support plan sets out how your care needs can be met.

A personalised care and support plan sets out how you want your needs to be met.  

You are entitled to have a plan if

  • you have been assessed as eligible for social care
  • or you care for someone who is eligible for social care

Your plan identifies the outcomes important to you and describes how the personal budget will be used to achieve them. 

The Care Act 2014 introduces a duty on councils to make sure that everybody who is eligible has a personalised care and support plan and personal budget. 

The purpose of this is to put you in control, and to enable a more holistic approach to meeting your needs and promoting your wellbeing.

Personalised care and support planning is based around 'better conversations' between you and your health and social care practitioners. 

The overall aim is to identify what is most important to you to achieve a good life and ensure that the support you receive is designed and coordinated around your desired outcomes.


Developing a Personalised Care and Support Plan

If you need help to create your plan, you can choose who supports you and who will help you to put the plan into practice. 

If you aren’t able to choose someone to support you, we will find someone suitable for you. 

Things to consider when we are developing your plan together:

  1. About me - reflecting on what matters to you.
  2. What do I want to change? - Looking at what is working and not working in your life and where you want to be in the future.
  3. What do I have? - Looking at your assets, relationships and community
  4. Ideas - Generating ideas that use your assets and budget, to change what is not working, address your needs and move towards the future you want.
  5. My decisions - Recording these decisions in the support plan.
  6. Make it happen - Implementing decisions and actions.

A plan may be short term or longer term, depending upon your needs and situation.


Reviewing Personalised Care and Support Plans

Review is an essential opportunity to reflect and make further changes and decisions. 

We will consider whether to involve an independent advocate, if you need support in your review and don’t have someone independent in your life who can support you. 

The Care Act states that reviews can be: 

  • planned (i.e., when appropriate for your needs, and following guidelines on frequency) 
  • unplanned (i.e., triggered by a crises or sudden change in circumstance) 
  • or requested (i.e., called for by you or your carer or family member, where deemed necessary)

A review will focus on your goals and outcomes:

  • what is working and not working from different perspectives (you, practitioner)
  • what have you tried and learned? Pleased and concerned about? Do next?
  • if applicable, is the personal budget working well to enable you to meet the outcomes in your plan?
  • whether your needs or other important circumstances in your life have changed
  • where do you now want to be in a year - the future
  • what are your priorities for change
  • ideas / options Outcomes and actions

To request a review, either contact your social care worker or social worker, if you currently have one allocated to you, contact us.


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