Care and support

Care and support

Adult care and support in Worcestershire, care and support, assessments, housing support, care home options and other useful information.

What is adult social care?

If you or a loved one needs support with everyday tasks, social care may be right for you to provide practical support and care.

Learning disabilities

Support and guidance for people with learning disabilities and their families.

Mental health

Where to get help in a crisis, mental health support services, self-help resources for you or someone you care for and guidance for drug and alcohol disorders.

Care homes and supported accommodation

What care homes and supported accommodation options are available in Worcestershire

Returning home from hospital

When leaving hospital and returning home may mean you need some extra care and support.


Information for autistic people and their families.

Care and Support living at home

Care options within the home

Care and support you can get within your home.

Help to stay independent and living at home

Information about support for personal care, equipment, technology or adjustments to your home as well as community transport, travel and help after coming out of hospital.


Reablement is a service provided to you at home and aims to promote and maintain your independence and reduce the need for formal care and support services.

Dementia support

Support information for those with or looking after someone with dementia.

Sensory impairment and physical disabilities

Support to stay independent, which includes information about mobility and accessibility, as well as driving and Blue Badge parking.

Continuing Healthcare

If your main need for care is because of your health you may be eligible for NHS "continuing healthcare" (CHC) funded support.

Employing a personal assistant

Advice and guidance for employing a personal care assistant and support for personal assistants.

Before you consider a care home

Find out all of the care options available in Worcestershire to meet your needs or the needs some someone else.

Looking after someone and carer support

Support and guidance for those who are carers or who look after and care for a family member, partner or friend.

Other useful information

What we do in adult social care

Guidance if you're looking for social care or support for an adult in Worcestershire.

Paying for care and support

Paying for care, calculating your care costs and support you may be eligible for towards the cost of your care.

Someone to speak up for you (advocacy)

Advocates will help support and speak up for you during assessments, care and support planning, safeguarding and reviews.

End of life care

Support available in Worcestershire if you or your family need support during end of life care.

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS)

How people in hospitals or care homes who lack the capacity to consent to certain treatments are protected.

Adult Social Care Local Account

Our Local Account sets out how well we are doing at meeting the needs of residents who require care and support. 

Moving to another area or care home (Continuity of care)

If you are moving location and need to keep care and support in place.

Continuing Healthcare

If your main need for care is because of your health you may be eligible for NHS "continuing healthcare" (CHC) funded support.

Community Micro-enterprises

Small businesses providing care and support to local people.

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