Read about the benefits of walking, see suggested trails and routes.

The benefits of walking

  • saves money as it doesn't cost anything
  • practical way of getting around
  • improved health and fitness as a brisk 20 minute walk burns around 100 calories (418 joules)
  • convenient, go when and where you want
  • helps relieve traffic congestion and improve air quality

Health walks

A health walk is a short, purposeful walk undertaken on a regular basis.

Walks in Worcestershire

Circular walks, long distance trails and Countryside Site Waymarked Circular Walks.

Countryside and leisure

Find out about Worcestershire's countryside and our services.

Worcestershire cycling and walking guides

A series of leisure cycling routes in and around Worcester have been created for residents who are looking to get out and about on their bikes. 

Cycling and pedestrian improvements

Find out about the improvements we are making to walking and cycling routes in the County.

Report an issue with a footway

Report other issues on a road or footway.

Report an issue with a Public Right of Way

Report an issue with a Public Right of Way

Walking and Cycling on the Malvern Hills

With steep climbs and views across Herefordshire and Worcestershire the Hills are an exciting place to cycle both on road and off road. Cyclists are welcome to explore the Malvern Hills and Commons on the bridleways that cross this landscape.  With over 56km of bridleways there are hilltops, wooded slopes and open commons to get to know.

Website: Malvern Hills Trust

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