What we do in adult social care

What we do in adult social care

Start here for guidance if you're looking for social care or support for an adult in Worcestershire.

Get support for adults

Support and signposting for adults including referrals for Adult Social Care.

How to get support in a crisis

Options to get in contact for a range of crisis situations.

Assessments and eligibility

If you think you or someone else may need care or support, the first step is to understand your needs and how you might get help.

What is adult social care

An overview of what social care is and the types of social care services we offer

Care and support

Adult care and support in Worcestershire, care and support, assessments, housing support, care home options, learning disabilities and safeguarding.

Financial Assessment (Contributing to the cost of Care)

A financial assessment will help you find out if you need to contribute to your cost of care.

How to pay for your care and support

Paying for care, calculating your care costs and support you may be eligible for towards the cost of your care.

Care and support plans

Once assessed as eligible for social care, a personalised care and support plan sets out how your care needs can be met.

Looking after someone (carer support)

Support and guidance for those who are carers or who look after and care for a family member, partner or friend.

Learning disabilities

Support and guidance for people with learning disabilities and their families.

Safeguarding and concerns about an adult

Safeguarding, those at risk from abuse and neglect, as well as reporting concerns about an adult.

Approved Mental Health Professional Service

The Approved Mental Health Professional Service is responsible for undertaking assessments under the Mental Health Act 1983 in Worcestershire.

Professionals, providers and policies in Adult Social Care

Policies, strategies, support and guidance for care providers and professionals in adult social care.

Make a compliment, comment or a complaint

Make a compliment, a comment or a complaint about Adult Social Care.

Adult Social Care surveys

Overview and results for the statutory adult social care surveys.

Adult Social Care Local Account

Our Local Account sets out how well we are doing at meeting the needs of residents who require care and support. 

Direct Payments

Learn what direct payments are, how they're paid, what you can use them on and how to set them up and manage them.

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