Our network

Our network

We work to maintain and enhance the condition of roads, verges, pavements, road signs, road markings, street furniture, street lighting and bridges. We invest in our network to maintain it for users of today and tomorrow.

Roadworks and live updates

See live roadworks and travel updates on our map, and get the latest from council and highways twitter accounts.

Tell us about a road, highway or travel route issue

We carry out regular inspections of roads and pavements on our network, but we know that issues may come up between these inspections. You can tell us about maintenance issues by using the available reporting options on this page.

Traffic management applications

Includes: footpath and road closures, speed restrictions, convoy working legal orders, temporary traffic signals, lane closures and requesting to use WCC network as a diversion route.

Events affecting the highway

Highways welcomes and encourages high quality events throughout the year ranging from large festivals and sporting events to small community events. We have compiled some useful links and information to guide you, as well as some frequently asked questions.

Gritting, ice and snow

See gritting routes, grit bin locations, request a new or replacement grit bin or learn about what the council are doing to keep Worcestershire's roads ice free.

Highway drainage

Worcestershire County Council is responsible for maintaining highway drainage, learn how to report faulty drainage and how to prevent drains from becoming blocked.

Highways performance

See reports of the Highways department's performance in areas such as public satisfaction, winter maintenance, condition of the roads and more.

How we manage the highway network

An explanation and breakdown of the inner workings and processes of the highway network.


See information on completed improvements, updates to large or small ongoing improvement projects.

The Local Transport Plan

The Worcestershire Local Transport Plan focuses on attracting and supporting economic investment and growth, by delivering transport infrastructure and services to tackle congestion and improve quality of life.

The Resilient Network

Our Resilient Highway Network is defined as the portion of our highway network that is absolutely vital to maintaining economic activity and access to key services during extreme weather emergencies and other major incidents such as industrial action or other local risks.

The Worcester Transport Strategy

The strategy aims to deliver benefits locally and across the wider region, improving access and network efficiency for all users travelling into, though and/or around the City of Worcester. In particular, this investment will make Worcester more attractive to business, supporting the local and regional economy.

Traffic accident studies

Each year in Worcestershire there are around 1,500 personal injury road traffic accidents. These accidents result in some 2,000 casualties. This traffic accidents data for the most recent 3-year period is available via our interactive map which is updated quarterly with the information supplied by the West Mercia Police.

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