Signage and road markings for businesses and tourism

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Signage and road markings for businesses and tourism

Find out how to apply for new or replacement signage pr road marking for businesses or tourism.

Who is responsible for Traffic Signs and Road Markings?

If the signs and lines exist already, then the maintenance of them can be reported online; Tell us about a road, highway or travel route issue.

If the requests are for new works, then you can request this online; Tell us about a road, highway or travel route issue . The enquiry will then go to the Traffic Management Team for consideration or investigation as appropriate. If works are not justified then an explanation will be provided.

Apply for business signage

This policy forms part of the Worcestershire Transport Asset Management Plan (TAMP) and sets out Worcestershire County Council’s approach to the provision of commercially focused signage on the highway.


There are over 23,000 businesses in the County. Signing all of these businesses would be not be appropriate and would significantly add to street clutter, with associated safety and physical access issues. Additionally, current guidance suggests that street clutter (caused by excessive and inappropriate signage and infrastructure) is to be avoided at all costs.

The legislation set out in the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions (2016) determines the type of signage that the Authority is permitted to erect on the highway to both minimise clutter and ensure highway signage is prominent. It is expected that businesses will provide adequate directions to visitors through communications, marketing and advertisement. Additionally, with the growth of SATNAV directional devices, the requirement for business direction signage has significantly diminished. Nonetheless, Worcestershire County Council wishes to support local businesses wherever opportunities arise, recognising the County's priority to be "Open for Business".

Through a relaxed and creative interpretation of the signage regulations, several ways of permitting business signage have been developed as indicated below. A balance has been pursued that manages sign distraction and clutter, whilst allowing business signage which benefits the maximum number of businesses and visitors, supporting the local economy. To this end, permanent signage can now be considered for businesses attracting large non-regular visitor numbers (10,000+) or where numerous smaller businesses are co-located. Individually located businesses can pursue temporary signage for certain purposes. Currently, all such signage is deemed surplus to legal or traffic management requirements and so needs to be funded by the businesses concerned.

Before you start

Please read the guidance below before applying.

Download business signage guidance

If you require further clarification, please email the Traffic Engineer Team


Download the business signage application form

Apply for tourism signage


Most schemes will cost around £900 for 1 sign and £1550 for 2 signs + the cost of the sign but will include labour, stop/go traffic management, foundations, 76 mm posts & fittings, cherry picker hire, site visit, administration fees, utility and planning searches, and VAT. Prices will increase if larger posts or more extensive traffic management is required.

Once the invoice has been paid and the order raised, installation should follow 4 months later.

Once implemented the costs of maintaining the signs must be met by the applicant. The County Council will advise the applicant of any works required to be carried out and the costs, once agreed the work will be scheduled, however if no authorisation is received, then the signs, for the whole route, will be removed and a bill raised to recover costs from the applicant.

Before you start

Please check the criteria before applying, this may save you time, effort and money.

The criteria for these signs require:

1. The destination to be either a tourism attraction or a tourism facility (i.e. supporting accommodation) where:

  • a tourism attraction is to be frequented by tourists (typically at least 40% of the total audience, over 40,000 visitors per year – the definition of a “Tourist” being, visitors from outside of the local area i.e. more than 15 miles away
  • a Tourism facility (such as overnight accommodation, cafes or restaurants) to be able to exhibit accreditation of a relevant body that endorses quality control elements of the facilities being provided

2. The entrance to your tourism attraction/ facility is not directly on an "A" or "B" classified road or on the main road through the village.

3. Tourism sites are to be open for impulse visits, from the casual passers-by and not just for pre-booking, especially the tourism season(s) – school holidays and March - October.


Please provide proof of the following:

  1. That you have planning permission to operate a tourist attraction on your premises (Local Council Planning department)
  2. That your premises are not on an "A" and "B" road or the main road through a village and based outside of a main town centre (google map)
  3. That at least 40% of your 40,000+ visitors, (16,000 visitors) travel more than 15 miles (For example, the number of transactions on the tills/ number of tickets sold (No £value needed) or the number of coaches visiting or the number of loyalty cards, without a local postcode)
  4. That you have an existing website with a map, written directions and postcode information to assist Sat-Nav users. (Website address)
  5. That you have adequate parking facilities for cars, coaches & bicycles and toilets for your visitors
  6. The days and hours of opening to the public

Please provide a digital map (a scanned plan will suffice) showing:

  1. The location of your premises
  2. Any requested locations for new or updated direction signs you wish to be considered.
  3. Details of any information on any of the junctions involved i.e. 'A443 junction with Crown Lane'

Download tourism signage application form

Frequently asked questions

How do I apply for permanent signs to a tourist attraction?

Please refer to the Tourist Signing Policy.

The Traffic Management Team will assess any formal applications which are received.

How do I place signs to direct traffic to an event?

Please complete a Highways Contact us form (General enquiry form). Requests for temporary signing go to the Traffic Management Team, who consider the request and respond accordingly.

However, it is worth stating that normal circumstances will only permit signs off the nearest A or B class road, and when in an urban environment particularly, it would be dependent on existing directional signing.

How do I report an issue with a Road Sign?

These can be reported online (Tell us about a road, highway or travel route issue).  Enquiries will then go to Maintenance in all instances bar modification when the Traffic Management Team will be made aware of the situation.

What if I have a request for/problem with a street nameplate?

District council's deal with these requests, please:

Contact your local district council

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