Events affecting the highway

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Events affecting the highway

Highways welcomes and encourages high quality events throughout the year from large festivals to small community events, find out more here.

To find out what events may be affecting the highways in the next three months, use the interactive map below:

Apply to close a road

In Worcestershire, the application to close a road should be through your local District Council using their Town and Police Clauses Act 1847 powers. To find out who your local council is, put in your postcode on the Government webpage:

Apply to Hold a Street Event 

In all other circumstances where a road closure is not required but the event will affect the highway, organisers should apply to the highways department by contacting us with all relevant information e.g., time, date, map of route or location (KML file if possible - a file format used to display geographic data in a browser), etc.

When to apply

Events should be planned in good time (at least 3 months in advance for major events), so it is important to inform us of your event as soon as possible.

Registering an event

There are many activities undertaken on the public highway including works for utility companies, works to maintain the highway itself and events such as parades, markets, festivals, sporting events and street parties. Additionally, there are break downs, accidents and other incidents involving the emergency services where the road is closed. 

To help you have a successful event, we need to know about it. Whilst we offer no guarantees that delays will not be experienced, we will have a better chance of co-ordinating activities if you tell us about your event.

Cost of road closure

You will need to contact the relevant local district council to obtain this information:

Temporary signs

Homemade signs are not permitted, please ensure any signage conforms to Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual. 

For support with this please contact a local traffic management company who can then apply to the Traffic Engineering Team or our permission to install signage on our highway, produce them, erect, and remove them to legal standard.

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