Street Lighting Energy Saving Initiative

Street Lighting Energy Saving Initiative

How we have been saving energy across Worcestershire.

The Street Lighting Energy Saving Initiative is reducing 66% of the street lighting in side streets between the hours of midnight and 6:00am, throughout Worcestershire.

We use power under the Highways Act to illuminate highways but it is not a statutory duty, and it can therefore make changes to lighting provision.


We currently spend £2.4 million each year on illuminating street lights and signs. Street lighting also accounts for 19% of the County Council’s carbon dioxide emissions and also has an additional cost of £12 per tonne, payable to central Government.

LED rollout programme

The rapid LED rollout programme, which commenced in April 2022 was undertaken to replace all outstanding sodium lanterns, with new LED ones, which are much more energy efficient and assist in reducing carbon emissions.

The programme, which concluded in August 2023 resulted in nearly 22,000 streetlights being upgraded to LED. LED units however remain lit throughout the night, however they will automatically dim, reducing their power consumption significantly between dusk and dawn.

We work closely with West Mercia Police and other key stakeholders to monitor if there is any observed increase in traffic accidents or crime as a direct result of this initiative.

Coloured LED's

You may notice a mixture of colours within the LED’s. Whilst the vast majority are white, you may encounter amber and in certain areas red LED’s. These have been installed in areas and along key routes where the impact of standard LED lights may have an adverse effect on protected species, such as bats.

Solar streetlights

We have also begun to introduce solar streetlights in certain locations. These lights are slightly different, in that they will appear very dim until approached. On approach, the light will sense movement and automatically increase its brightness to assist pedestrians. Once the movement ceases, the lights will return to a dim setting.

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