Traffic Regulation Orders


Traffic Regulation Orders

Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO’s) are the legal instruments by which traffic authorities implement most traffic controls on their roads.

TRO's are designed to regulate, restrict or prohibit the use of a road or any part of the width of a road by vehicular traffic or pedestrians. A TRO may take effect at all times or during specific periods, and certain classes of traffic may be exempted. 

Most Traffic Regulation Orders begin with a request from the local County Councillor, usually in response to complaints and/ or suggestions from the public. These requests will be considered initially by the Traffic Enginering Team who will carry out any investigations  which are required  e.g. traffic or parking surveys, speed or visibility measurements and enquiries into the record of personal injury traffic collisions. These will form the basis of the technical appraisal of the request. 

If the Traffic Management Team believes that the request has little merit or too many disadvantages they will respond accordingly. Requests which are considered to have sufficient merit to proceed will be drawn up as firm proposals and added to the list of TRO requests pending commencement of the formal consultation process.

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