Surface dressing programme

Contractors resurfacing a road

Surface dressing programme

Surface dressing is an important part of our road maintenance programme and is used to extend the life of roads across the county.

The Surface dressing programme for 2023 is now complete, the 2024 programme will begin March to April 2024.

Surface dressing is a process that is used to improve the surface of the roads and slows down the deterioration of the road surface. The quick and efficient process means that disruption to road users, local businesses and emergency services is kept to a minimum.

The process is a cost-effective way of restoring the road surface to:

  • extend the life of an existing surface
  • reduce further deterioration of the road’s condition
  • improve the skid resistance of the road surface
  • seal the road against water preventing potholes forming in winter

More information

Even though this process is a quick operation, it is weather dependent and cannot be carried out if the weather is too hot, wet or too cold, so the programme may change at short notice.

Signs will be displayed on the road before work starts informing residents and business of the intended window of delivery, if there are any changes to the programme of works the signs are updated accordingly. A letter drop will also be undertaken wherever possible.

In some cases, temporary traffic lights may have to be used on site for safety reasons.

The new surface is ready to use straight after application but will take a few days to settle down. Speed limits are in place, but drivers are asked to drive slowly and carefully and in accordance with the temporary speed limit. There may be some loose stone chippings around. All road markings are repainted soon after the work is completed.

Proposed locations in Worcestershire included in the Surface Dressing Programme 2023

Please note that these locations are listed in alphabetical order and do not represent the order of works which could be subject to change.

  •    Alvechurch Highway, Lydiate Ash
  •    Angel Street, Upper Bentley
  •    Aquaduct Lane, Alvechurch
  •    Arkle Road, Droitwich
  •    Austcliffe Road, Cookley
  •    Banks Green, Upper Bentley
  •    Barnetts Lane, Kidderminster
  •    Bennetts Lane, Holt Fleet
  •    Bevere Lane, Worcester
  •    Birmingham Road, Lydiate Ash
  •    Blakes Lane, Shelsley Beauchamp
  •    Boreley Lane, Ombersley
  •    Bretforton Road, Badsey
  •    Broadclose Lane, Inkberrow
  •    Broadway Lane, Fladbury
  •    Broadway Road, Evesham        
  •    Bromsgrove Road, Romsley
  •    Butts Lane, Stone
  •    Chadwick Lane, Stourport
  •    Charlton Lane, Hartlebury
  •    Cheltenham Road, Evesham
  •    Church Lane, Knighton On Teme
  •    Church Lane, Whittington
  •    Churchill, White Ladies Aston
  •    Cleobury Road, Bayton
  •    Cobnall Road, Catshill
  •    Copyholt Lane, Upper Bentley
  •    Coventry Highway, Redditch
  •    Crutch Lane / Church Lane, Droitwich
  •    Dagnell End Road, Redditch
  •    Dark Lane, Sytchampton
  •    Downtons Lane, Bayton
  •    Drayton Road, Chaddesley Corbett
  •    Droitwich Road Sect 1, Podmore
  •    Droitwich Road Sect 3, Elmley Lovett
  •    Droitwich Road, Kidderminster
  •    Droitwich Road, Martin Hussingtree
  •    Dry Mill Lane/ Hop Pole Lane, Bewdley
  •    Dumbleton Lane, Eardiston
  •    Egg Lane, Claines
  •    Fieldbarn Lane / Blacksmiths Lane, Cropthorne
  •    Green Lane, Hadzor
  •    Ham Green Lane, Redditch
  •    Hatch Lane, Frith Common
  •    Hawford Lock Lane, Claines
  •    Hill Road, Overbury
  •    Hillditch Lane, Stourport
  •    Hollywell Road, Malvern
  •    Home Farm Lane Inc Dead End, Great Whitley
  •    Lickey Rock, Bromsgrove
  •    Lincombe Bank, Ombersley
  •    London Lane, Tardebigge
  •    Lower Poolands Lane, Stourport
  •    Manor Road, Hartlebury
  •    Marlbrook Road, Lydiate Ash
  •    Middle Road, Lydiate Ash
  •    Mill Lane, Eardiston
  •    Mill Lane, Feckenham
  •    Moors Lane, Feckenham
  •    New Road, Bromsgrove
  •    Newnham Bridge, Newnham
  •    Nine Days Lane, Redditch         
  •    Norgrove Lane, Redditch
  •    North Piddle, North Piddle
  •    Oddingley Lane, Crowle
  •    Offerton Lane, Worcester
  •    Old Hill, Flyford Flavell
  •    Owlhill Lane, Sytchampton
  •    Parsonage Lane, Ombersley
  •    Parsons Lane, Stourport
  •    Perry Lane, Torton
  •    Powers Lane, Ombersley
  •    Pround Cross, Kidderminster
  •    Pumphouse Lane, Blackwell
  •    Pumphouse Lane, Upper Bentley
  •    Purshall Green, Purshall Green
  •    Redditch Road, Alvechurch
  •    Sale Green, Sale Green
  •    Saltway, Edgioak
  •    Saltway, Feckenham
  •    Scafield Hill, Alvechurch
  •    Sheltwood Lane,Tardebigge
  •    Snakes Lake Lane, Dodford
  •    Southall Lane, Doverdale
  •    Spirehouse Lane, Burcott
  •    St Kenelms Road, Romsley
  •    Staple Flats Lane, Bromsgrove
  •    Stoney Lane, Norchard
  •    Stourport Road, Dunley
  •    Structons Lane, Great Whitley
  •    Studley Road, Redditch
  •    Swan Lane, Lydiate Ash
  •    Tagwell Road, Droitwich
  •    Tanhouse Lane, Knighton On Teme
  •    Third Road, Lydiate Ash
  •    Titton Lane, Stourport
  •    Torton Lane, Torton
  •    Uphampton Lane, Uphampton
  •    Ward Lane, Uphampton
  •    Water Grip Lane, Conderton
  •    Wilden Lane, Stourport
  •    Winterfold Lane, Mustow Green
  •    Wolverhampton Road, Cookley
  •    Woodhall Lane, Uphampton
  •    Woodrow South, Redditch
  •    Worcester Road 2 Sections , Holt Heath
  •    Worcester Road, Great Whitley
  •    Worcester Road, Upton Warren
  •    Worcester To Hallow, Hallow
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