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Gritting, Ice and Snow

Gritting Routes

Worcestershire County Council is responsible for providing a winter service on adopted public highways within the county except for motorways and trunk roads. The purpose of the winter service is to reduce the effects of snow and ice on the roads by treating the highway with salt. The service is essential for public safety and to the national and local economy in maintaining ice free roads.

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Key to map

  • Primary Network (red lines)

    The primary Network are those roads comprising the Principal Road Network, main and secondary distributor roads, links to villages, major bus routes, emergency service locations and reasonable proximity to schools. Winter Service operations will give priority to these routes.
  • Secondary Network (blue lines)

    Treatment of the secondary network takes place in exceptional conditions such as freezing rain forming ice on surfaces and heavy falling or lying snow, so long as physical resources are available and are not needed on the Primary Network. The Secondary Network comprises, less important local, village and estate distributor roads having significant traffic flows. Minor bus routes and school transport routes operated by Worcestershire County Council.

Grit Bins

Grit bins are available across the county of Worcestershire and maintained with stocks of a salt/grit mixture where they provide the roads in the area with a suitable resource to safety. They are provided for use on the public highway only (including footways).

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