Report a problem with a gritting route

Report a problem with a gritting route

Report an issue with a gritting route.


Report an issue with: 

  • a gritting route

Do not report

Do not report a problem with a gritting route online if:

  • your report relates to a risk to life, requiring immediate attention please contact West Mercia Police on 999
  • your report relates to the A46 or motorways. For these locations please contact National Highways or use their reporting tool
  • private driveways, car parks or accesses to facilities such as care homes, retail parks, schools etc. (such establishments will usually have their own grounds maintenance contractors in place)

Important information

You will be given the option to pinpoint the location using our mapping tool.

Please use 'Additional Location Information' fields, where provided, to describe the exact location and whether on the road, or pavement.

The Highways department review all requests received and determine the most appropriate action based on both the details you provided and any policies and procedures currently in operation.

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