Highway Drainage

Blocked Drainage

Cleansing and maintenance of a private sewer outside of a property boundary is the responsibility of the sewerage undertaker. Please note that any enquiries regarding sewers should be directed to Severn Trent Water Ltd on 0800 7834444.

What can you do to prevent a problem occurring?

Many blockages and other problems could be prevented through good practice.

  • Do not dispose of fats or oils into the drain as they cool down and set as a hard scale.
  • Do not dispose of bulky sanitary items such as nappy liners into drains.
  • Do not apply permanent landscaping over inspection covers as they are needed for access to clear blockages.
  • Take care if you are considering planting deep-rooted trees such as willows, as the roots often enter sewers and drains.
  • Check to see whether your property insurance covers you for drainage problems. If not, it is possible to take out separate cover for this. It is important to check the amount of cover as you may not be insured for private pipes outside your property boundary.

Who is responsible?

Worcestershire County Council is responsible for maintaining highway drainage. The county council is responsible for the removal of surface water from the carriageway and footway as quickly as possible under normal weather conditions.

What we need from you

  • A description of the problem and location. Please provide as much information as possible.
  • Your contact details in case we need clarification of the area concerned.

How to Report it

To report a problem with a highway use the online reporting form

What we will do

In accordance with our Service Level Agreement, we will look at all reported issues within 28 days. However, where we are advised that this is urgent, inspections and resultant works will be prioritised.