Report a problem on a Public Right of Way

Report a problem on a Public Right of Way

Report a issue on or with a Public Right of Way.


Report an issue with:

  • signposting/ waymarking
  • vegetation
  • bridge/ ditch crossing
  • stile/ gate
  • surface/ drainage (for example, potholes or other surface damage including flooded or waterlogged paths)
  • steps
  • ploughing/ cropping
  • obstructions (deposits /buildings/ fence)
  • deterrent notices/ disputed route
  • intimidation (person or animal)
  • fallen tree
  • other

 Do not report:

 Do not report if:

  • your report relates to a risk to life, requiring immediate attention, please contact the Police on 999
  • fly-tipping as this is managed by your district council

Report an issue on a public right of way

Track an issue

To track an issue on the public way:

  • navigate to the link below
  • click on menu
  • input your reference number to the search bar

Track an existing issue with a public right of way

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