Request a bus stop enhancement

Request a bus stop enhancement

Request a number of improvements to bus stops.

We work with local councils to review the requirements for each bus stop, along with responsibility for maintenance.

Worcestershire County Council will consider provision of new or replacement bus shelters where the following minimum criteria are met:

  • a regular weekday bus service operates
  • evidenced long-term passenger demand, particularly where this involves a disproportionately high level of elderly users 
  • where the environment is suitable for the installation of a bus shelter
  • opportunities to minimise vandalism have been considered (CCTV, metal lower panels, public art installation etc)
  • where funding for the supply, cleaning and maintenance is identified over a defined period

The current location of infrastructure will be reviewed, with consideration to accessibility, usage and safety. The current need for bus stops will also be considered, particularly those within close proximity to others, as a high number of stops along a route can increase journey times. The removal of stops, particularly those with very low usage, will also be considered.

Request improvements

You can request any of the following improvements to an existing bus stop:

  • a new shelter
  • a new bus stop pole
  • a new flag
  • a timetable case
  • bus stop markings
  • a hardstanding or raised kerbs to accommodate level boarding

Before you start

Before you start you will need to:

  • please note that you will be asked to select the improvement you require and also mark the required location of the bus stop on an interactive map
  • if you would like to provide any additional information or supporting evidence such as photographs or maps there will be an opportunity to upload documents at the end of the online form
  • once you have submitted your request the Minor Infrastructure Projects Team will respond to you within 10 working days

Request a bus stop enhancement

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