Free bus passes

Free bus passes

The Concessionary Bus Pass scheme offers eligible older and disabled persons free travel on local bus services anywhere in England.

Apply for a new bus pass

Older person bus pass

Apply for an older person bus pass.

Disabled bus pass

Apply for a disabled bus pass.

Disabled with companion bus pass

Apply for a disabled with companion bus pass.

Existing bus passes

Renew your bus pass

Renew a bus pass that has expired or about to expire.

Lost or damaged replacement bus pass

Replace a damaged or lost bus pass.

Stolen bus pass replacement

Replace a stolen bus pass.

Bus pass is no longer needed

You can cancel a bus pass that is no longer needed.

Name or address change on bus pass

Inform us if your name or address needs changing on your bus pass.

Track your application

View the latest updates on your bus pass application online.

Additional information about bus passes

Read our additional information to find solutions to common problems.

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