Worcestershire Children First Fostering

Worcestershire Children First Fostering

We are a not-for-profit fostering agency and wholly owned by Worcestershire County Council. We only provide foster care placements for Worcestershire children meaning you are far more likely to be successfully matched with a local child or sibling group.

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We are not for profit fostering agency and wholly owned by Worcestershire County Council

Are you interested in fostering?

Information about fostering and the journey to becoming a foster carer.

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Complete a form to register your interest.

Could I foster?

Foster carers are ordinary people who do extraordinary things.

Why foster with us?

What can you expect as a foster carer in Worcestershire?

Are you already fostering?

Information and support if you are already fostering.

The girl who is featured in the film

Any of us

A powerful new fostering film that showcases the incredible impact of fostering, because any one of us has the power to make a difference in a child’s life through fostering.

Fostering for real

Read about real foster families. 

Types of fostering

There are various ways in which foster carers can give support to local children and their families.

Fostering questions and answers

Frequently asked questions, and answers, about fostering.

Placement plus

Information about the intensive support specialist fostering scheme providing tailored fostering placements to older children and young people.

Family and friends

Types of care you may be asked to provide.

Private fostering

Caring for a child that is not a close relative might be private fostering.

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