Severn Card Student Bus Pass scheme

Severn Card Student Bus Pass scheme

If you are not eligible for free under 16 bus travel assistance or over 16 bus travel assistance, we may be able to offer you the option to buy a Severn Card.

What is a Severn Card?

  • a multi operator student bus pass
  • valid 24/7 on any bus service included within the scheme, within Worcestershire: Severn Card Service List (PDF)
  • for students aged under 19, or mature students of sponsor colleges
  • available as a Zone 1, Zone 2 or Zone 3 (Countywide) pass
  • available as an annual, termly or half termly pass
  • a contribution is required for all non eligible Severn Cards, transport will be ceased if no payment is received

Please note that the Severn Card cannot be used for rail travel, if you wish to use a combination of bus and rail travel, you will need to contact the relevant rail operator to arrange this yourself.

How the Severn Card scheme works

Some eligible under 16 students may receive a free Severn Card, if this is the most suitable transport available to them, post 16 and non eligible under 16 students will need to pay for the appropriate Zone in which they wish to travel. A passport sized photo will be required to validate the pass, you will be sent the pass and a seal and you will need to assemble the pass, with the photo. Once you have the pass, there will be no other fare to pay on the bus.

  • pass types available: 
    • annual: valid from 1 September to 31 August, inclusive of all school or college holidays, including the summer 
    • termly: valid from issue until the last day of the next full term school or college holiday
    • half termly: valid from issue to the last day of the next half term school or college holiday

Paying for your Severn Card

Severn Cards will require a contribution to be paid.

You can pay for your Severn Card online either annually, termly, half termly or by 9 monthly Direct Debit payments.

You will be sent a payment request via email once transport is allocated. Please do not make payment unless you have received this email.

Please note that in some instances it may be more economical for students to pay the bus operator's own fare and you are advised to check this with the local operator. 

Pass term Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3
Annual £310 £495 £600
Termly £110 £175 £210
Half termly £60 £95 £110
Direct Debit £37 £58 £70

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