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Request for a further DoLS standard authorisation

Information for professionals

If you are from the care home or hospital and a person in your care has a current DoLS authorisation which is expiring within 28 days, and you believe that they are still being deprived of their liberty, then you can apply for a renewal of the DoLS authorisation.

Go to the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) Online Applications (opens in new window)

  • please note that the link takes you to a DoLS online applications landing page via the Login/Register page
  • please choose the "Renew – Apply for a further standard authorisation where the current authorisation will expire within 28 days" form

Should an authorisation be granted you should be sent a reminder that the DoLS needs to be renewed 28 days prior the DoLS expiring. This will be sent to the email that you provide at registration.