Hate crime and mate crime

Hate crime and mate crime

What is hate crime?

Hate crime is any criminal offence committed against a person or property that is motivated by an offender's hostility or prejudice towards someone because of their actual or presumed race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity or individual characteristics that makes someone appear different.

What is a hate incident?

A hate incident is an act that falls short of being a criminal act and is therefore not a criminal offence, but is still motivated by a hostility or prejudice based on any of the same characteristics. Parts taken from West Mercia Police Hate Crime website.

Mate crime

Mate crime is a form of disability hate crime.

Mate crime is where someone pretends to be friends with a person who is vulnerable (such as someone who has learning disabilities) but then goes on to take advantage, exploit or abuse them.

Mate crime is sometimes hard to identify because the offender is deemed a friend, carer or family member and using the relationship for exploitation. The vulnerable person is often unaware of the person's motives. 

For further information on Mate Crime:

visit Safety Net: Friend or Fake?

Download: Mate crime leaflet (PDF)

How do I report mate crime, hate crime or a hate incident?

If you are worried that you or someone you know may be experiencing Mate Crime, Hate Crime or a Hate Incident please contact:

  • in an emergency call 999
  • for non-emergencies call 101
  • call in at your local police station
  • to report a safeguarding concern please call Worcestershire County Council's Access, Triage and Intervention Service on 01905 768053 or 01905 768020 out of hours
  • report online to True Vision
  • through a third party reporting centre
  • talk to a trusted friend, family member, support worker, social worker or teacher

All mate, hate crimes and incidents should be reported.

Report a safeguarding concern

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