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Request for DoLS authorisation

Information for professionals

If you are from the care home or hospital and believe that a person in your care is being deprived of their liberty and does not have mental capacity regarding this, then you can apply for a DoLS authorisation.

Go to the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) Online Applications (opens in new window)

  • please note that the link takes you to a DoLS online applications landing page via the Login/Register page
  • please choose the "New - Apply for a first time DoLS authorisation or an authorisation where the previous one has already expired" form

Guidance for submitting the form

The application starts with a Standard authorisation which will mean that the assessments have 21 days to be completed. In exceptional cases only should any urgent authorisation also be requested. There is a section of the online form for granting an urgent authorisation – if this section is completed then you have put an urgent authorisation in place which will allow detention for up to 7 calendar days (includes the date it is signed). 

As well as providing basic information about the person you need to provide details of:

  • the care and treatment you are providing
  • the nature of the restrictions that you think may deprive them of their liberty
  • why the care cannot be provided in a way that is less restrictive
  • what alternatives have been considered
  • what harm the person is likely to come to if the restrictions are not in place

Once you have completed the form you will be sent an automated email stating that we have received the application. In addition, should an authorisation be granted you should be sent a reminder that the DoLS needs to be renewed 28 days prior the DoLS expiring. This will be sent to the email that you provide at registration.