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Financial assessment

If you are assessed as having an eligible care or support need by Worcestershire Adult Services, you will need to have a means tested financial assessment. This will determine if you need to contribute towards the cost of your care and support. The amount you are assessed as being able to afford to contribute will vary depending where the care is provided.

Online Financial Assessment

What to expect during a financial assessment:

  • once a social worker has identified your care needs, they will hand you a financial assessment leaflet which will guide you through this process in detail
  • the online financial assessment can be used to gain an indicative calculation of potential care costs, but you can also submit your information to our Care Contribution Assessment team for a full assessment
  • if you are unable, or would rather not, complete your assessment online, a financial assessment can be completed over the phone
  • the Care Contributions Officer will check to make sure you are claiming all the benefits you are entitled to
  • if you have assets over £23,250.00 or you don't wish to have a financial assessment or disclose details of your capital or income, you will be expected to pay for your care in full

What information you will need to submit when completing the assessment:

  • details of the state benefits and private income you receive
  • details of savings, investments and capital you have
  • details of any land or property you may own
  • details of your household expenditure, for example, property insurance
  • details of expenses you may have as a result of your disability or illness


Download: Charging Policy For Care and Support (PDF)

Download: Financial Assessment Information Leaflet (PDF)

Download: Worcestershire County Council's Adult Services and Health Glossary of Terms (PDF)