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If you find that you and/or your family are at risk of being homeless your local district council can provide information and advice on your housing options and can be contacted via the following websites:

Bromsgrove District Council - Find me a home

Malvern Hills District Council - Housing

Redditch Borough Council - Find me a home

Worcester City Council - Housing Services

Wychavon District Council - Housing Services

Wyre Forest District Council - Housing

If you are a young person who is homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless, the Basement Project has information and advice and links to services that may be able to provide you with support.

Bromsgrove Basement Project

If you are aged 17 or younger and are being asked to leave your family home or other accommodation,  contact your nearest housing options team (at your local District Council) or contact the Family Front Door on 01905 822666.

Useful links

Childline - Homelessness

Citizens Advice - Homelessness

Homeless Link - Homelessness support