Health services

Health services

National Health Services

Information about all National Health Services (NHS) in the UK can be found on the NHS website.

NHS colleagues have produced a health guide which covers resources to help both Guests and Hosts to make the most of the NHS services available in the county.

Register with a doctor (GP)

How to register with a GP surgery - NHS (

You can register with a doctor – commonly known as a general practitioner or simply GP, as soon as you arrive in the UK. It is free and you do not need proof of address, immigration status, ID, or an NHS number.

A GP can offer medical advice, provide a diagnosis, and prescribe medicines. They might be your first point of contact for many physical and mental health concerns.

Getting medication

If your GP wants you to take a particular medication, they will give you a prescription that you will need to take to your local pharmacy or chemist.

Pharmacies are often located near a GP surgery, but you can also use the NHS website to find your nearest pharmacy.

You usually need to pay for a prescription but the NHS website explains who can get free prescriptions.

Find a dentist

You are entitled to NHS dental care. In some circumstances, this can be free of charge. Find out who is entitled to free dental treatment.

You can search for a dentist at How to find an NHS dentist.

More information about NHS dental services.

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