Phase 3 of A38 BREP improvements

Phase 3 of A38 BREP improvements

Read about the various stages and processes involved with this Phase of the improvements.

This page contains further details for the work taking place on the A38 Bromsgrove Route Enhancement Programme (BREP) Phase three works.

The total cost of the A38 BREP is just over £50 million, with the Department for Transport committing to provide just over £43 million and the remainder from local developer contributions.

The project will see capacity improvements at key junctions together with localised road widening, this will help to improve traffic flow and reduce unnecessary bottlenecks along the route between:

  • junction 4 of the M5 to the north
  • the A38/B4094 to the south

Improvements will be made to cycling facilities including the provision of an active travel route between the train station and the town centre which will include new road crossings.

The works are being delivered by Colas, Griffiths and Journeo Passenger Systems Ltd, working alongside Worcestershire County Council.

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Latest updates

April 2024

Closure of footway on A38 Stoke Road.

There is a currently a closure of an existing public footway on Stoke Road between the A38 / Austin Road / Sherwood Road roundabout (adjacent to Aldi & Morrisons) and A38 / Charford Road crossroads (adjacent to KFC).

This footway closure and diversion of the public is necessary as part of Scheme B of the A38 Bromsgrove Route Enhancement Programme,

At this location the road will be widened, and the existing footway will be upgraded.

The footway closure and diversion route is shown below.

The works on Stoke Road are planned to start on 11/04/2024 and last until Autumn 2024. The diversion route will remain in place for this period.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the footpath closure. Should you wish to contact us regarding the intended works or the diversion route, you can do by emailing

Alternatively, if your query is of a more general nature, please get in touch with the County Council’s Major Projects Team at 

March 2024

We’d like to share the latest news on our efforts to increase capacity along the A38 corridor and enhance infrastructure for cyclists, pedestrians, and bus users.

The tree and vegetation clearance along A38 Stoke Road between Buntsford Park Road and Charford Road is a necessary step for the construction of new ‘Active Travel’ and carriageway improvements. There’s a plan to offset the loss of trees and shrubs by planting new ones on a 2 for 1 basis across the BREP programme. This sustainable approach helps balance the environmental impact of any construction activities.

Additionally, the work to amend splitter islands on the A38/A448 Oakalls Roundabout demonstrates a commitment to improving the roundabout, enhancing traffic flow and road safety.

A38 BREP Phase 3 overview

An overview of each scheme that forms part of A38 BREP Phase 3 can be seen here:

Phase 3 walking and cycling improvements

As part of the A38 BREP Phase 3, the proposals include improvements to the active travel infrastructure (walking, cycling, wheeling etc) across and adjacent to the A38. This includes three schemes improving footways, and introducing traffic calming measures.

  • Scheme 3: Bromsgrove Train Station to Town Centre

The design for scheme 3 is currently under review, and will be updated in due course.

Phase 3 public transport improvements

The A38 BREP phase 3 includes 2 schemes to help improvements to the provision of passenger transport services.

  • Scheme 7: Bus shelters and RTI
  • Scheme 8: Public transport select vehicle detection

Phase 3 route enhancement schemes

The A38 BREP Phase 3 includes 6 schemes aiming to improve the facilities for those living in and travelling around Bromsgrove through improvements to junction facilities, including increased vehicle capacity, improved crossing facilities, improved footways and active travel infrastructure.

Maps of the proposals will be included below shortly.

Download: Descriptions of all the maps in Phase 3 (PDF)

Details of the public engagement which has taken place around the A38 BREP schemes is included in the section below.

A38 BREP Public Engagement Exercise (2020)

Initial A38 BREP Phase 3 Public Engagement Exercise 2020

As part of the process of building the business case for the Bromsgrove Route Enhancement Programme (BREP), Worcestershire County Council carried out an engagement exercise to seek feedback from stakeholders and the public on the proposals in early 2020. Please note: that some of these schemes have been amended to reflect the comments received as part of the engagement process, see the latest maps above.

When the engagement exercise took place and who with

The engagement period ran for six weeks until 20 March 2020. The process was promoted via the local press, on social media, and via the County Council’s website.
As part of the engagement exercise, the project team held regular meetings with local members and district councillors.

During this engagement period, five public engagement sessions were held as follows:

  • Wednesday 5 February, Finstall First School (5:00pm to 7:00pm)
  • Saturday 8 February, Bromsgrove High Street (10:00am to 2:00pm)
  • Tuesday 11 February, Catshill First School (6:00pm to 8:00pm)
  • Thursday 13 February, Lickey End First School (5:00pm to 7:00pm)
  • Friday 21 February, Avoncroft Arts Centre (5:00pm to 7:00pm)

Nearly 1,500 people attended the sessions, which offered the opportunity to review the maps of the 12 proposed schemes and discuss them in more detail with officers.

Three unstaffed displays were also placed in libraries at Alvechurch, Bromsgrove and Catshill all of which showed the objectives and pointed people towards the website for more details. The displays were available for six weeks until 20 March 2020.

How could people give their feedback?

The main method for people to respond was via a closely monitored email address. This was promoted via the signpost cards which directed people to the County Council website. For those without access to the internet, an alternative was provided to manually write comments at the exhibitions.

Summary of the feedback

We received 133 emails in total, which included 246 separate comments on various parts of the proposed scheme, they break down as below:

In relation to Number of comments
Scheme 2 - Charford Road to Harvington Road 2
Scheme 3 - Harvington Road to Old Station Road 31
Scheme 4 - A448 near Blackwood Road 2
Scheme 5 - Fordhouse Road to Carnforth Road 5
Scheme A - A38 Hanbury Road 1
Scheme B1 - A38 Buntsford Drive, Stoke Road and Sherwood Road 10
Scheme C - A38 Stoke Road and Charford Road 6
Scheme D - A38 New Road 4
Scheme E - A38 and A448 14
Scheme F - A38 Birmingham Road and M42 Junction 1 90
Scheme G - A38 Golden Cross Lane and Braces Lane 3
General (unspecific) 36
Others (including the development of a Western Bypass) 24
More information required 5
Concerns with engagement process 13

We also received a petition which includes 250 signatures against the proposals on Scheme F to make amends to the junction of School Lane with the A38.

During the course of the engagement period, the County Council had the opportunity to hear from a wide range of people regarding the proposals. All feedback and comments were considered when developing our plans and have fed into the design for the project.

There were a lot of positive comments in recognition of the current issues with congestion on the A38 through Bromsgrove and the Council’s ambition to improve the situation. The Council was also able to pick up awareness of any concerns with any elements of the proposals, these focussed around the plans for School Lane (Scheme F), which raised 12 separate concerns and the new bridge linking Old Station Road with Harvington Road (Scheme 3), which raised 8 separate concerns. The Council was able to get important local knowledge which has helped develop the proposals.


The feedback has been used to evolve the proposals and progress the funding bid and business case. Some immediate responses to the feedback can be found in Appendix A.

Download: Comments and responses Appendix A

The council would like to thank those who attended the engagement sessions and those who provided their comments.

Further engagement 2021

Additional Engagement was undertaken in early 2021 to share information on two new schemes that emerged following feedback received from the initial engagement exercise in early 2020. The two new schemes sought to make further improvements to the walking and cycling network (Scheme 1 and Scheme 6). Due to COVID-19, the exercise did not involve community events, but focused instead on media releases directing interested parties to the council webpages and a letter drop to residents and businesses close to the proposed schemes. 10 respondents submitted 17 comments and these have been summarised in the table.

Comments summary Number of comments 
Supportive of measures generally  6
Crossing at Slideslow Drive is not direct enough for cyclists  1
Unsupportive of the 'cycle path' in Oakalls as not wide enough  2
Queries on the information (e.g.  planting) which were answered directly  5
 Cycling provision should be more extensive and link into other areas of the network  3

Again, the council would like to thank those who responded to this engagement exercise for providing their comments.

A38 BREP Public Engagement Exercise scheme 3 and scheme 5 2021


A comprehensive initial Phase 3 engagement exercise took place in 2020 which included the early plans for Scheme 3 and Scheme 5. A summary of this exercise can be seen above under the heading A38 BREP Public Engagement Exercise (2020). As the A38 BREP business case developed it became necessary to submit Schemes 3 and 5 for planning permission as they consisted of bridge structures that required consent.

A pre-planning engagement exercise was therefore undertaken to support the planning application.

Pre-planning Public Engagement Exercise for A38 BREP Scheme 3 and Scheme 5

A pre-planning engagement took place over the summer of 2021 for Scheme 3 and Scheme 5. These schemes form part of the proposed walking and cycling improvements within the A38 BREP Outline Business Case, to provide improved connectivity between the west and east sides of the A38 for pedestrians and cyclists.  

Residents were urged to submit comments by 13 August, 2021, to inform a planning application due to be submitted later in 2021.

The schemes involve replacing the pedestrian and cycle bridge between Fordhouse Road and Carnforth Road, allowing for cycle movements and modern accessibility standards and a new pedestrian and cycle bridge between the two ends of Old Station Road at the location of the existing at grade pedestrian crossing of the A38.

Due to COVID-19, the exercise did not involve community events, but instead focused on media releases directing interested parties to the County Council webpages and a letter drop to directly impacted residents close to the proposed schemes. 

How was the feedback used?

The feedback has been used to evolve the proposals and the Outline Business Case. Following analysis of feedback the decision was made to amend scheme 3 to an active travel corridor rather than a new bridge, and the engagement for this scheme is outlined below. 

Scheme 5 forms part of the proposal for phase 4 of the A38 BREP project, and is subject to future funding.

The council would like to thank those who contributed to the engagement exercise by providing their comments.

Related information

The Local Transport Plan

The Fourth Worcestershire Local Transport Plan was subject to a full 12 week statutory public consultation between December 2016 and March 2017.

For more information see The Local Transport Plan.

A38 BREP Public Engagement Exercise Scheme 3 and Scheme 9 2022

The Bromsgrove Route Enhancement Programme (BREP) Scheme 3 footbridge scheme was paused in late 2021, due to changes in the national guidance for infrastructure of this kind whilst Worcestershire County Council explored the possibility of other options that could deliver similar objectives.

The alternative proposals include a walking and cycling route or “Active Travel Corridor” that connects the railway station with the town centre.

The new scheme would involve widening several footway sections to create shared pedestrian/cycleways. It is proposed to make Drummond Road one way (southbound) and introduce traffic calming measures to improve safety around Aston Fields Middle School. Improvements would also be made to the public space in Aston Fields as well as upgrading existing pedestrian / cycle infrastructure.

In addition, the County Council is proposing to encourage walking and cycling along the Fordhouse Road/Bant Mill Road and Harvington Road corridor (Scheme 9) by introducing traffic calming measures to assist with reducing vehicle speeds.

Towards the end of summer 2022, people were encouraged to have their say on the alternative proposals and a summary report outlining the main themes identified during this exercise can be found at the link below:

Download: Summary Report of the public engagement (PDF)

Earlier A38 BREP Phase 3 Business cases

The previous business cases submitted to the Department for Transport (Strategic Outline Business Case and Outline Business Case) can be found below.

A38 Bromsgrove Route Enhancement Programme Strategic Outline Business Case

A38 Bromsgrove Route Enhancement Programme Outline Business Case

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