Loneliness campaigns

Loneliness campaigns

There are several national loneliness campaigns that aim to raise awareness of loneliness and reduce stigma.

Campaign to End Loneliness

Aims to raise awareness of loneliness and reduce stigma through various campaigns:

  • in 2017 Campaign to End Loneliness launched The Loneliness Project which includes a short film showing the effect loneliness can have on wellbeing
  • in 2018 Campaign to End Loneliness launched Be More Us  which celebrates small moments of connections with others e.g. saying hello to a neighbour or friend

For more information please visit Campaign to End Loneliness.

Lift someone out of Loneliness

The Department for Digital Culture, Media and Sport is continuing to encourage people to 'Lift someone out of loneliness' as part of the Better Health: Every Mind Matters campaign. 

The campaign points people towards the Every Mind Matters loneliness webpage, where there is advice for ways to help yourself or others who may be feeling lonely and suggested support routes. 

Loneliness Awareness Week

Loneliness Awareness Week was created by Marmalade Trust.

It is an annual campaign to help raise awareness of loneliness across the UK and is a great opportunity to get involved by talking about loneliness, supporting people to stay connected and ensuring people know where they can go for further advice and support. 



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