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Surface Dressing

Surface Dressing Programme 2021

Our Surface Dressing Programme will be taking place again around the County until August 2021.

It is a commonly used way to extend the life of a road and offers many benefits: 

  • A well designed surface dressing applied at the right time could prolong the life of a road by up to ten years.
  • Surface dressing is quicker than other maintenance techniques and causes less disruption to traffic.
  • Any potholes or patches are completed/repaired before surface dressing takes place.
  • Surface dressing increases the skid resistance of a road’s surface which makes it safer.
  • Surface dressing seals the road surface and prevents water getting down into the structure of the road which could cause long term damage.

Surface dressing can only be carried out in dry weather and we will aim to complete the works in the minimum amount of time. However, our British weather can have an impact on our programme, so please bear with us.

In some cases we have to use temporary traffic lights on site for safety reasons.

The new surface is ready to use straight after application but will take a few days to settle down. Speed limits are in place, but we would ask you to drive slowly and carefully and in accordance with the temporary speed limit. There may be see some loose stone chippings around so please drive slowly. All road markings are repainted soon after the work is completed.


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