Surface Dressing

Surface Dressing Programme 2021

Worcestershire County Council’s Surface Dressing Programme 2021 is due to be completed by Summer 2021.

Surface dressing workers

Surface dressing is an important part of Worcestershire County Council’s road maintenance programme and is used to extend the life of roads across the county.

Surface dressing is a process that is used to improve the surface of the roads and slows down the deterioration of the road surface. The quick and efficient process means that disruption to road users, local businesses and emergency services is kept to a minimum.

The process is a cost-effective way of restoring the road surface to:

  • extend the life of an existing surface
  • reduce further deterioration of the road’s condition
  • improve the skid resistance of the road surface
  • seal the road against water preventing potholes forming in winter

Even though this process is a quick operation, it is weather dependent and cannot be carried out if the weather is too hot, wet or too cold, so the programme may change at short notice.

Signs will be displayed on the road before work starts informing residents and business of the intended window of delivery, if there are any changes to the programme of works the signs are updated accordingly. A letter drop will also be undertaken wherever possible.

In some cases, temporary traffic lights may have to be used on site for safety reasons.

The new surface is ready to use straight after application but will take a few days to settle down. Speed limits are in place, but drivers are asked to drive slowly and carefully and in accordance with the temporary speed limit. There may be some loose stone chippings around.  All road markings are repainted soon after the work is completed.

A guide as to what to expect during the works

Car icon

Before and during the works

  • ensure vehicles are removed from the road between 7am - 6pm. If you’re going away, please make arrangements for your vehicle to be away from the road during the works
  • check information for any disruption to bus services. Please note: we will attempt to minimise any disruption during the works where practicable
  • do not walk or drive on the wet bitumen surface, as this may mark your shoes, car and driveways. If walking across the freshly laid finished road surface please be aware it may stick to your shoes
  • check your shoes and your pet’s feet before entering any premises as we cannot accept liability for any damage caused
skid risk sign

What to expect throughout the duration of the works

  • hot bitumen is sprayed onto the road surface
  • chippings are applied onto the bitumen
  • the new surface is rolled, however loose chippings will remain until the surface is swept
  • the surface is subsequently swept within 24 hours, after 48 hours and again after seven days to remove any loose chippings
  • further sweeping will take place if required
  • road markings/lines will be replaced
  • surface dressing is a weather dependent process and may be affected if there are periods of wet weather or extreme temperatures
  • in some cases temporary traffic lights will be set up on site for safety reasons
  • there will be a 20mph speed limit set for a period of time after the chippings are laid. This is for safety reasons
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Advice to motorists

The new surface is ready to use straight after application but will take a few days to settle down. Please drive carefully over the new surface to prevent any potential damage to vehicles. Also ensure that you take extra care when works are taking place to protect the safety of the workforce:

  • follow the temporary speed limit in place
  • keep your distance
  • do not overtake

Proposed locations in Worcestershire included in the Surface Dressing Programme 2021

Please note that these locations are in no particular order and could be subject to change.

  • Beckford Road, Ashton Under Hill
  • Collin Lane, Broadway
  • Evesham Road, Offernham
  • Weston Road, Bretforton
  • Weston Road, Bretforton
  • Stratford Road, Honeybourne
  • Haselor Lane, Evesham
  • Netherton To Haselor Lane, Netherton
  • Elmley Castle To Little Comberton, Elmley Castle
  • Long Lane, Throckmorton
  • Upton Snodsbury Road, Pinvin
  • Walcot Lane, Drakes Boughton
  • Stonebow Road, Drakes Boughton
  • Windmill Lane, Egdon
  • Croome Court, Besford
  • Kemerton Road & High Street, Bredon
  • Tunnel Hill, Upton On Severn
  • Queenhill, Holdfast
  • Long Green, Longdon
  • Bear Lane, Longdon
  • Corse Lawn, Corse Lawn
  • School Lane, Pendock
  • Camers Green, Camers Green
  • Black Lane, Camers Green
  • Millers Court, Castlemorton
  • Birts Street, Birt Street
  • Longdon Hill End, Longdon
  • Danesmoor Crossroads To Welland, Welland
  • Blackmore Park Road, Malvern
  • Penny Lane / Wood Street/ Rectory Lane, Guarlford
  • Frederick Road, Malvern
  • Bosbury Road, Malvern
  • Hopton Lane, Stitchins Hill
  • Alfrick/ Upper House Road, Alfrick
  • Brockamin Lane, Bransford
  • Station Road, Colletts Green
  • Hallow Lane, Hallow
  • Ockeridge Cross To Birchall Green, Wichenford
  • Wichenford, Wichenford
  • Popular Road, Wichenford
  • Broad Green, Little Green
  • Broadwas, Coblers Corners
  • Ankerdine Hill/bank, Ankerdine Hill
  • Martley Hillside, Martley
  • Church Road, Clifton Upon Teme
  • Manor Road/Kennelm Road, Clofton Upon Teme
  • New Road, Hanley Williams
  • Bromyard Road, Tenbury
  • Bockleton Road, Bockleton
  • Romers Common Road, Romers Common
  • Little London, Little London
  • Netherton Lane /netherton Road, Abberley
  • Dunley Road, Dunley
  • Doverdale Lane, Doverdale
  • Abberley Ave, Stourport
  • Curslow Lane, Mustow Green
  • Dobes Lane, Chaddesley Corbett
  • Stanklyn Lane, Kidderminster
  • Coningsby Drive, Kidderminster
  • Thicknell Lane, Hagley
  • Hartle Lane, Belbroughton
  • Hackmans Gate Lane, Belbroughton
  • Hockley Brook Lane, Doredale
  • Woodcote Green Lane, Chaddesley Corbett
  • Green Lane, Catshill
  • Fiery Hill Road, Brookhouse Lane, Line Street Lane, Barnt Green
  • Bitell Road, Barnt Green
  • Bittells Farm Road, Barnt Green
  • Wast Hill Lane, Hopwood
  • Middle Lane, Wythall
  • Mynors Crescent, Wythall
  • Ardon Road, Hollywood
  • May Lane, Hollywood
  • White Pits Lane, Portway
  • Seafield Lane, Portway
  • Grange Lane, Alvechurch
  • High House Lane, Tardebigge
  • Copyholt Lane/Sugarbrook, Bromsgrove
  • Woodgate Lane, Hanbury
  • Holmes Lane, Hanbury
  • Forest Lane, Hanbury
  • Ditchford Bank Road, Hanbury
  • Berrow Hill Lane, Feckenham
  • Earls Common, Earls Common
  • Grafton Flyford To Shaftland Crossroads, Huddington
  • Trench Lane, Sale Green
  • Newland Lane, Droitwich
  • Worcester Road, Droitwich
  • Danes Green, Fernhill Heath
  • Old Northwick Road, Worcester
  • Goldsmith Road, Worcester
  • Bridge Road, Cowsden
  • Ab Lench Road, Church Lench
  • Corner Meadow, Holberrow Green
  • The Ridgeway, Cookhill
  • M42 Junction 3 Becketts Farm, Wythal
  • Dumble Pits Lane, Portway
  • Stourbridge Road, Bellheath
  • Wassell Hill Road, Hagley
  • Bridgenorth Road , Kidderminster
  • Romsley Lane, Shatterford
  • Beacon Lane, Shatterford
  • Habberley Road, Kidderminster
  • Stourbridge Road, Kidderminster
  • Comberton Road, Kidderminster
  • Stourport Road, Great Whitley
  • Great Whitley, Great Whitley
  • Great Whitley To Little Whitley, Great Whitley
  • Ombersley Off Slip, Omberlsey
  • Cutnal Green , Cutnal Green
  • Upton Snodsbury, Upton Snodsbury
  • Spetchley Roundabout, Broughton Hackett
  • Kings Road, Evesham
  • Back Lane, Ashton Under Hill
  • Grafton, Grafton
  • New Barn Lane, Birlingham
  • Broadway Road, Birlingham
  • Saxons Lode, Uckinghall
  • Uckinghall Road, Ripple
  • Buryend, Upton Upon Severn
  • Drinkers End, Eldersfield
  • Lime Street, Eldersfield
  • Meadow House Lane, Gadfield Elm
  • Dobs Hill Road,Eldesfield
  • Hornyold Ave, Malvern
  • Lambert Road, Worcester
  • Swinton Lane/Hanbury Park Road, Worcester
  • Old Road, Lower Wick
  • Hatfield Lane, Norton
  • Berrow Green, Berrow Green
  • Leysters Lane, Bockleton
  • Abberley, Abberley
  • Reynolds Lane, Abberley
  • East Grove Lane, Shrawley
  • Rectory Lane, Shrawley
  • Church Lane, Astley
  • St Astley Hill, Astley
  • Line Holt Lane, Sytchampton
  • Horton Lane, Cutnal Green
  • Dry Mill Lane, Bewdley
  • Lowe Lane, Shatterford
  • Mill Lane, Blakedown
  • Pedmore Lane, Hagley
  • Holt Lane, Clent
  • Spring Lane, Clent
  • Ivy Lane, Clent
  • Illey Lane, Frankley
  • Chadwick Lane, Bonfire Hill, Fairfield
  • Chapel Lane, Fairfield
  • Walton Pool Road, Clent
  • Dark Lane, Belbroughton
  • Gallons Lane, Belbroughton
  • Mearse Lane, Belbroughton
  • Waystone Lane, Bellbroughton
  • Broome Lane, Belbroughton
  • Wildmoor Lane, Lydiate Ash
  • Dust House Lane, Bromsgrove
  • Lower Bentley Lane, Lower Bentley
  • Astwood Lane, Hanbury
  • Littleworth Lane, Feckenham
  • Cottage Lane, Himbleton
  • Netherwood Lane, Crowle
  • Smite Lane, Martin Hussingtree
  • Yvonne Road, Redditch
  • Jays Crescent, Alvechurch
  • Dragons Lane, Leigh Sinton
  • Kingswood Lane, Martley
  • Pudford Lane, Martley
  • Church Lane, Rochford
  • Dog Lane, Cooksey Corner
  • Walton Hill Road, Clent
  • Rumbow Lane, Clent

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