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Domestic abuse



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Help and support

Coronavirus advice

You might be worried about yourself or a friend or relative’s wellbeing whilst we are in the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency measures. If so, help is available.

On the Women's aid COVID 19/ Coronavirus: Safety advice for survivors (opens in a new window) page you will be able to find information and advice about how you can cover your tracks online, access help for you or your children and how you may respond in different situations. There is also information about what support is available if you wish to leave your home and includes information about services available who can help you plan the safest way to leave.

There is also useful advice in the following download Domestic abuse - practical steps for keeping safe during social distancing leaflet (PDF). This will provide you with information and advice about ways you can use your smart phone to ask for help, practical steps for keeping safe during social distancing, personal safety apps you can download and what to do if you are worried about a friend or neighbour. 

Practical steps for keeping safe during social distancing in other languages

West Mercia Rape and Sexual Assault Support Centre is a free, confidential and non-judgemental support service for survivors who have experienced rape, assault, incest, sexual abuse, sexual harassment or any form of sexual attack, whether physical, verbal or emotional. The trauma caused by sexual abuse may not surface for many years after the event. We treat all calls equally, sensitively and confidentially, appreciating the courage required to break silence, overcome guilt and threats, and share the events of the past whether they happened days or years ago.

The website will help you find information about our services, about rape and sexual abuse, about helping and being helped.