Sanctuary Target Hardening scheme

Sanctuary Target Hardening scheme

The Sanctuary Target Hardening scheme is for victims and survivors of Domestic Abuse.

What is Sanctuary Scheme?

Information about the scheme and why is it beneficial:

  • Sanctuary schemes are a target hardening service for survivors of Domestic Abuse who want to be safe to remain in their home and who have ended the relationship with the perpetrator. 
  • Target hardening is a package of security measures that are added to the property to increase security, safety and potentially reduce any risk posed by the perpetrator. 
  • by doing this, your and any children/family confidence in feeling safe increases and can prevent the need for you to uproot your lives by moving. 
  • in a time of turbulence for you and your family, remaining safe in your home can create stability and maintain your routines. 
  • installing security measures on the outside of the property, such as CCTV, Ring doorbells or signage can act as a deterrent to perpetrators. 
  • in circumstances where there is an on-going police investigation, evidence can be gathered from any cameras that have been fitted. 
  • the scheme is free of charge and applies to all properties, for example housing association, private rentals and privately owned/mortgaged.

For further details

You can contact your local Housing Team:

What happens next?

When you request further information:

  • it is received by the local authority housing team and the Domestic Abuse Housing Officer will be in touch to discuss your suitability for the scheme. 
  • if the Sanctuary Scheme is not suitable, you will be informed with the reason why. 
  • if not in place already, a referral will be sent to a support service as well as to the fire service for a fire assessment on the property.
  • if your situation is suitable, a Sanctuary Assessor will contact you and arrange to attend the property.
  • when in attendance, the assessor will look at what additions could be added to the property and recommendations will be made.
  • recommendations will be sent to the commissioned provider, who will arrange with you to attend the property and fit the security measures. Most will be fitted in one visit however there may be products that need to be ordered in and fitted on a second visit.
  • once works have been completed, the sanctuary assessor will attend to sign off the works
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