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School Crossing Advice for Drivers

You can support a School Crossing Patrol by:

  • approach a school with caution
  • always be prepared to stop
  • stop if the School Crossing Patrol is in the road displaying the 'STOP' sign
  • stop a safe distance away from the crossing
  • do not proceed until the School Crossing Patrol has gone back to the pavement
  • allow enough space in heavy traffic to allow the patrol to operate safely

When driving near schools:

Drive slowly and be aware of young cyclists and pedestrians. In some places, there may be a flashing amber signal below the 'CHILDREN' warning sign, which tells you that there may be children crossing the road ahead. Drive very slowly until you are clear of the area.

You should always drive with caution near schools even if there is no crossing Patrol in operation.

Drivers must stop for School Crossing Patrols. It is an offence if you don't stop when signalled to do so by a School Crossing Patrol.

The possible penalties for failure to stop are:

  • a fine up to £1,000
  • three penalty points on your licence
  • disqualification from driving