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Additional information about Concessionary Bus Passes

What if I'm having problems applying online, where can I get help?

Local libraries can assist you with your online application.

How long will it take to process my bus pass?

Once you have completed your application you can expect to receive your new pass within 28 working days (unless we require any further information from you, in which case we will be in touch)

When can I use my bus pass?

  • you will be able to use your bus pass for free travel on local bus services between 9:30am and 11.00pm on weekdays and all day on weekends and Bank Holidays
  • you will be able to use your bus pass on Community Transport and Dial-a-Ride schemes that affiliate with the Concessionary Travel Scheme and receive a discount of £1 per journey on your fare. Residents of Malvern Hills District will receive an additional subsidy of £1 per journey, funded by Malvern Hills District Council

Where can I get bus timetables?

Bus timetables can be viewed online

Can I use my pass on Trains?

No, the English National Concessionary Travel Scheme requires that Travel Concession Authorities provide passes that enable free travel on any local bus service in England at all times on Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays and between 0930 and 2300 on any other day.

When will I need to renew?

Renewals can be made up to 3 months before your pass expires.

It is the pass holders responsibility to ensure that they apply to renew their pass in good time. If your bus pass is due to expire or has already expired then you are able to renew using the link above. You should receive your new pass within 28 working days. Please note that if your bus pass expired over 12 months ago you will need to complete a new application.

Renew your Bus Pass online

What do I do if a concessionary pass holder has died?

You can notify us that the pass is no longer required

What if I need to replace my Bus Pass

You can:

  • apply for a replacement pass if yours has been lost or damaged (please be aware a fee of £5 will be payable)
  • apply for a replacement pass if yours has been stolen (please be aware you will need to submit a crime reference number)

What if I no longer need my Bus Pass?

Notify us if you no longer require your travel pass

What if I need to update my name or address details on my pass?

You can change the details on your Bus Pass online

What if my disability means I need someone with me at all times, can my companion get concessionary travel when travelling with me?

A companion pass can be attached to a disabled bus pass where care and support is required at all times. This entitles a second person to travel free of charge with the pass holder. The disabled pass holder needs to make the application. Eligibility is stated on the application page.

Please note that this is a discretionary enhancement to the mandatory scheme and will allow pass holders who have been issued with a Companion pass to be accompanied by a companion who is eligible for the same free travel benefits as the pass holder on journeys commencing in Worcestershire to destinations in England. However, under the terms of concessionary fares legislation all journeys are regulated and reimbursed according to the boarding point of the journey. Hence, although companion travel may be permitted by the Worcestershire Scheme it is important to remember that, unless otherwise specified, return journeys commencing outside Worcestershire will be covered by local terms and conditions which may not permit the same travel concessions.

Apply for a Disabled Bus Pass with Companion

What will my bus pass look like?

It will look a bit like a credit card and includes your name and photograph:

There are three types of Concessionary Bus Passes


This has a blue band

Pensioner bus pass sample


This has a yellow band

Disabled bus pass example

Disabled with Companion 

This has a yellow band with a C for Companion

Disabled with companion bus pass example

Eligibility Documentation for Disabled Bus Passes

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) eligibility documents for your Concessionary Bus Pass application

The Concessionary Bus Pass team will need to see a copy of the letter from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) dated within the last 12 months, showing that you receive Disability Living Allowance 'higher rate mobility component for help with getting around', it maybe indefinite or time limited.  

Example of Disability Living Allowance letter:

Disability Living Allowance example

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) eligibility documents for your Concessionary Bus Pass application

The Concessionary Bus Pass team will need to see a full copy of the latest award letter (not your Yearly Update or Annual Advice Letter) from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) showing that you receive '8 points or more for the 'moving around activity' under the mobility section' of Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

Example of Personal Independence Payment letter:

Personal Independence Payment example