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Bus Tickets

Ticket Types

  • Single Tickets - The ideal choice if you are planning to make a one-way journey from A to B. The cost varies according to distance travelled and this ticket type offers no saver options.
  • Return Tickets - Return tickets are available for one journey in each direction between A and B. The return ticket option is best value for the infrequent traveller such as a weekly trip to a shopping centre or GP surgery.
  • Day Tickets - This ticket type is particularly useful for the tourist or shopper since it offers an economical means of making several journeys around town. It provides unlimited travel on the day of issue using the services of the selected operator.
  • Weekly/Monthly Tickets - The most suitable choice for regular commuters or daily users of public transport. Individual operators will be able to advise you on the most appropriate choice for you.
Please be aware that: 
  • Not all ticket types are available from every operator
  • Bus fares will vary from operator to operator
  • Not all operator's tickets are valid on other operator's services
  • Cheques and credit cards are not accepted as payment methods when you board a bus.

Ticket Prices

For prices of bus tickets and passes within Worcestershire, please contact the bus operator of the service you intend to travel on. All of our bus timetables contain operator telephone numbers, which are also shown on all of our bus stop displays throughout the county.

Concessionary Travel

For further information on the National Concessionary Travel Scheme for Worcestershire residents who are 60 or over, or who have a disability, please see our concessionary travel pages.

Child Concessions

Child concessions are available. Please ask the bus operator of the bus service you are travelling on for further information.


The unlimited local bus travel discounted bus ticket, when purchased with a rail ticket. For more information please visit the PlusBus website. Terms and conditions apply.

Seve7n Card Student Bus Pass

The Seve7n Card is a multi-operator bus pass, allowing the holder of the pass to travel on any bus service included within the scheme during term time.

Connecta Multi-Operator Bus Tickets

The Connecta bus ticketing scheme allows unlimited travel on any bus operator's services within Worcestershire. The tickets cover Redditch, the City of Worcester, Wyre Forest and the whole of Worcestershire. Both Daily and weekly tickets are be available. Visit the Connecta page for more details.