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Worcestershire Zero Emission Bus Regional Area Scheme

The ZEBRA (Zero Emission Bus Regional Area) scheme provide up to £120 million for local transport authorities (LTAs), outside London, to support the introduction of zero-emission buses and the infrastructure needed to support them.

Worcestershire County Council has submitted an Expression of Interest which will:

  • support the government’s commitment to decarbonisation and to reduce the transport sector’s contribution to CO2 emissions
  • support the roll-out of the 4,000 Zero Emission Buses
  • support bus manufacturers and other related suppliers in the development of zero emission bus technology
  • showcase the high ambition that Worcestershire County Council has for working with partners to improve bus services within the area
  • provide innovative ways to overcome challenges of introducing zero emission buses and supporting infrastructure and change the way monitoring and evaluation data is presented

Read the Worcestershire application for the Zero Emission Bus Regional Areas Scheme (PDF)