Traffic Signs and Road Markings

Who is responsible for Traffic Signs and Road Markings?

If the signs and lines exist already, then the maintenance of them can be dealt with by contacting the Worcestershire Hub.

If the requests are for new works, then you should contact the Worcestershire Hub. The enquiry will then go to the Traffic Management Team for consideration or investigation as appropriate. If works are not justified then an explanation will be provided.

How do I place signs to direct traffic to an event?

Initially you should contact the Worcestershire Hub to make the request. Requests for temporary signing go to the Traffic Management Team, who consider the request and respond accordingly.

However, it is worth stating that normal circumstances will only permit signs off the nearest A or B class road, and when in an urban environment particularly, it would be dependant on existing directional signing.

How do I apply for permanent signs to a tourist attraction?

Please refer to the Tourist Signing Policy.

The Traffic Management Team will assess any formal applications which are received.

What if I have a request for/problem with a street nameplate?

District council's deal with these requests; please contact your local district council.

Alternatively please contact the Worcestershire Hub for further assistance.

How do I report an issue with a Road Sign?

These can be reported through the Worcestershire Hub.  Enquiries will then go to Maintenance in all instances bar modification when the Traffic Management Team will be made aware of the situation.