Scaffolds, skips and more

Scaffolds, skips and more

See details on what is required for each application, what you'll need to do prior to applying and how to apply.

Do you have a company account? 

You'll need a company account to apply for traffic management or other highways licences and permits, view your applications and edit your company details. 

If you're unsure on how to get an account, see our creating a company account page.

For your waste to be removed lawfully, the company you ask to remove it must be a registered waste carrier.  As the person requesting the removal of the waste, you are legally responsible to ensure the company you are using has a waste carriers licence.

You can check if a waste carrier is registered with the Environment Agency by visiting their website.

Crane or oversail licence

Apply for a crane or oversail licence.

Fencing licence

Apply for a Fencing licence.

Hoardings licence

Apply for a hoardings licence.

Mobile Elevated Working Platform (MEWP)

Apply for a Mobile Elevated Working Platform.

Scaffolding licence

Apply for a scaffolding licence.

Skip permit

Apply for a skip permit.

Welfare cabin licence

Apply for a welfare cabin licence.

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