Highways pre-application advice

Highways pre-application advice

Apply for Highways pre-application advice.


If you would like to apply for Highways pre-application advice, follow these steps:

Step 1: Read the basic information about highways pre-application advice, below

Step 2:  Apply for Highways pre-application advice; or if you are representative from an organisation and do not have an online account, go and create a company account

About Highways pre-application advice

In this section you will find basic information relating to the Highways’ pre-application process.

The development types that you can request pre-application advice for

You can request pre-application advice for the following development types:

  • residential extension and accesses (e.g. additional bedroom(s), scale of proposal, new/altered dropped kerb, agricultural/residential access)
    • if you don’t plan to increase the number of bedrooms or the change is from 2 to 3 or 4 to 5 bedrooms plus no plans to alter access to the highways or existing parking, highways advice is not required and you should contact the local planning authority in the first instance
    • should you seek to increase the number of bedrooms, the following guidelines should be used as reference:
    • please note: any application that sees to increase the number of bedrooms which will result in a change to parking requirements will need review by a WCC Highways Officer; more information relating to parking can be found within the Streetscape Design Guide
      • size of dwelling (houses and apartments) and parking requirements
        • 1 bedroom unit: 1 parking space/1 cycle space
        • 2-3 bedroom units: 2 parking spaces/2 cycle spaces
        • 4-5 bedroom units: 3 parking spaces/2 cycle spaces
  • small scale residential development (1-6 dwellings)
  • large scale residential development (7+ dwellings)
  • commercial development (e.g. retail, education, leisure, industrial)
  • care homes
  • mixed development (e.g. flat above shop)

Please note:

  • the advice given in response to pre-application enquiries does not bind the council’s decision making or constitute a formal representation by the council as the Highway Authority
  • any views or opinions expressed are given in good faith and to the best of our ability without prejudice to the formal consideration of any future planning application; however, the written advice provided will be taken into consideration by the council in the representation to a future related planning application, subject to the proviso that circumstances and information may change or come to light that may alter that position;  in this regard the weight given to pre-application advice will decline over time

Why would you request pre-application advice?

It is not mandatory to undertake pre-application discussions however it is recommended that applicants do engage, particularly where there is likely to be significant public interest, or the proposal is expected to result in an impact on the transport network.

The applicant is advised to review their proposal against the Worcestershire adopted Streetscape Design Guide.

All applicants are advised to also engage with the Local Planning Authority to ensure they are fully aware of the local policy context.

How long does the process take?

We aim to respond all enquiries within 20 working days.


We charge for providing pre-application advice. Please see the fees below:

Residential development

Non-residential development site area (inc. care homes)

Non-residential gross floor area proposed (inc. care homes)

Cost for Highway advice

Residential extensions and accesses




1-6 dwellings




7-49 dwellings




50-199 dwellings




200+ dwellings




Please note that when you apply for the pre-application advice, you are able to pay the fees using your bank card or by BACS.

Charges correct as of 24 June 2020 and are subject to annual review.

All charges are inclusive of VAT at 20%

The above charges are for pre-application advice only, any additional services or data provision will be a separately chargeable activity.

Mixed use developments are bespoke and will be reviewed. An Officer will contact you stating the cost of the pre-application advice.

For larger schemes (50+ dwellings) the fee includes all communications up to the agreement of any draft Transport Statement or Assessment, this may also include likely planning obligations.

For clarity Highway Authority pre-application fees apply irrespective of whether the Local Planning Authority is charging for planning pre application advice. Charges will apply equally to market and affordable housing proposals. The Highway Authority reserves the right to waive this charge for charitable organisations.

Next steps

If you are an individual and not from an organisation

Please go to the apply page to find more information on what you need to know before you apply for the advice.

If you are from an organisation

If your organisation has already applied for Highways pre-application advice, permits or licences etc. via our online systems, your organisation should already have an account. Please go to the apply page to find more information on what you need to know before you apply for the advice.

If your organisation does not have an account with us, please go to the create a company account page.

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