Highways pre-application advice

Highways pre-application advice

Apply for Highways pre-application advice.


If you would like to apply for Highways pre-application advice, follow these steps:

Step 1: Read the basic information about highways pre-application advice, below

Step 2:  Apply for Highways pre-application advice; or if you are representative from an organisation and do not have an online account, go and create a company account

About Highways pre-application advice

In this section you will find basic information relating to the Highways’ pre-application process.

If your organisation does not have an account with us, please go to the create a company account page.

We aim to respond all enquiries within 20 working days.

It is not mandatory to undertake pre-application discussions however it is recommended that applicants do engage, particularly where there is likely to be significant public interest, or the proposal is expected to result in an impact on the transport network.

The applicant is advised to review their proposal against the Worcestershire adopted Streetscape Design Guide.

All applicants are advised to also engage with the Local Planning Authority to ensure they are fully aware of the local policy context.

To find more information on what you need to know please apply below:



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