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Whatever you think of Lorries (Heavy Goods Vehicles HGVs), love them or hate them, we would not be able function as a prosperous economic society without them.

The Government's White Paper 'A New Deal for Transport: Better for Everyone' published in 1998 included a plan to develop Freight Quality Partnerships (FQP) between the road haulage industries, local authorities, businesses and environmental groups.


‘To ensure the efficient transportation of freight within Worcestershire, such that it supports a strong local economy, but increasingly does not compromise the existing or future needs of our society or environment.’

In 2008, Worcestershire's Freight Quality Partnership was voted a regional finalist representing the West Midlands region by the Freight Transport Association and was an FQP of the Year nominee.

The Worcestershire FQP Working Group is made up of the following members:

Worcestershire County Council, (WCC) 6 District Councils, Police, Freight Operators and Generators, Road Haulage Association (RHA), Freight Transport Association (FTA), National Farmers Union (NFU), County Association of Local Councils (CALC).

What is Multimodal Freight?

Worcestershire's Multimodal Freight Policy Provides the strategic framework for the development of measures which will help to improve the efficient movement and operation of freight by all modes around the country, which will act to positively enhance the vitality of the local economy.

The policy document sets out the Worcestershire County Council policy on the delivery of measures to support efficient movement and operation of freight by all modes and supersedes all previous documentation published by Worcestershire County council on the subject.

Download the Policy F1 (Local Transport Plan (LTP) 3 2011 - 2026)

Vehicle and Operation Service Agency (VOSA)

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