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Here2Help Business

Here2Help Business is now fully allocated

The Here2Help Business programme is proud to have been able to offer support to Worcestershire businesses throughout the COVID-19 crisis, helping to keep our local economy operational, employees safe and businesses growing despite the difficulties.

The Here2Help Business programme has fully allocated all its grant funds. Please re-visit the webpage for further updates.

Launched in June 2020 at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Here2Help Business has provided practical advice, guidance and grant funding for necessary investment projects to businesses across the county and has financially supported businesses to take on recent graduates.

The agility of the programme has meant it has constantly evolved to meet the current needs of local businesses. When tourism reopened in the summer of 2021 the sector was added to our grant eligibilities. To help relaunch our visitor economy, we also introduced specialist tourism sector consultancy to support our businesses’ launch in the new environment.

Here2Help Business has been a responsive offer and feedback from businesses informs everything we do.

Here2Help Business achieved to date: 

Sustain and grow banner

Sustain and Grow

Provided match funded grants at a time when investment was needed  but cash may be restricted. 

  • Over £3 million in grant funding has been provided to over 200 businesses to support investment in many sectors ranging from manufacturing to agriculture
  • Over 45 new graduate positions created with the help of our graduate grant
  • Over 500 jobs are expected to be safeguarded as a result of the grant funding while a further 250 new jobs are expected to be created



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Provided access to specialist advisors in key businesses areas such as finance; systems and technology; and digital marketing and communications.

  • 58 one-hour advice sessions were delivered plus
  • 95 days of specialist bespoke consultancy provided
  • supporting over 160 businesses in total
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Tourism business support

Provided access to specialist 1:1 support and interactive seminar workshops to help grow and develop tourism businesses post pandemic.

  • 32 businesses supported across the tourism sector 
  • Over 96 hours of bespoke consultancy provided
  • 7 workshops delivered covering marketing, event theming, productivity and diversification

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