Sustainability in schools

Sustainability in schools

Teaching of key sustainability issues in schools allow children to develop their own passion for action.

Teaching of key sustainability issues in schools allow children to develop their own passion for action, develop knowledge, values and skills with the opportunity to put their learning into practice through reducing the environmental impact of their school. The skills and knowledge that pupils gain can be transferred into their homes and communities and these skills help pupils to develop their role as our future.


The aim of Eco-schools is to place young people at the heart of these environmental actions. This approach engages, motivates, and empowers young people to care for our planet and throughout their lifetimes.

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Resources and support

There are a range of services and resources to help support the delivery of Learning for Sustainability in schools:

Carbon footprint calculator

The Carbon Footprint Calculator is a free online tool via the WWF that can help young people understand the impact that the everyday actions of themselves and the people around them can have on the environment. Your carbon footprint measures how much you are contributing to climate change. The bigger your carbon footprint, the more of an impact your day-to-day activities have on the amount of CO2 produced. 

To learn what your carbon footprint is, take the WWF’s Carbon Footprint Calculator quiz to find out.

Earth balloon

The earth balloon is a fantastic resource a 6.7m diameter inflatable globe. In addition to supporting traditional subject areas, the resource can be used to promote the important concepts of Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship.

Key information:

  • the earth balloon is big enough to hold a full class of students inside
  • you enter the globe through zippers located along either the International Date Line or the Greenwich Meridian
  • teaching resources linked to the curriculum to accompany the balloon can be provided
  • the Balloon has 24 panels, one for each time zone in the world
  • it inflates and deflates in less than 10 minutes
  • there is a Velcro rip-away seam in the floor which serves as an emergency exit
  • the balloon can only be accommodated in an indoor room with at least 7 metres clearance in all directions including especially the ceiling with light fittings or other obstacles
  • for reasons of Health and Safety, and to avoid undue wear and tear to the resource, it is the policy of the County Council that the earth balloon is not for outdoor use

To hire the earth balloon

If you are unsure about the suitability of your venue, please get in touch to discuss.

The rate for hire of the balloon is £100 per day. This can be discussed depending on the circumstances.

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