Do you have an Economy 7 tariff?

Do you have an Economy 7 tariff?

Guidance for those who are impacted by the radio teleswitch (RTS) meters being phased out, with it planning to end on the 30 June 2025.

You may have been contacted by your energy provider that you need to have your radio teleswitch (RTS) electricity meter replaced. This is because the BBC radio service that supports the meter is planned to end. 

Ofgem currently expects all RTS meters to be replaced by 30 June 2025.

If you have an RTS electricity meter

You should have already been contacted by your electricity provider to arrange an upgrade to your meter and replace it with a smart meter. Providers have a duty to make sure that their customer’s service is not disrupted and have a replacement electricity meter installed. 

If you have not been contacted by your supplier, you should contact them as soon as possible. Your supplier will also be on hand to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Until the 30 June 2025, you should not lose your electricity or functionality of your RTS electricity meter.

Check if you need to replace your meter

If you have a RTS meter you should have been contacted by your supplier. However, if you haven’t been contacted you may have an RTS meter if: 

  • your house is heated using electricity 
  • you have electric storage heaters
  • you get cheaper energy at different times of day
  • your hot water automatically turns on and off

If you do have an RTS meter, usually there is a transmitter or teleswitch box which can be found next to your electricity meter. 

More guidance is available via the Ofgem website. If you are still unsure whether your meter needs replacing you can contact your electricity provider to check. 

Getting your meter replaced

Once contacted by your electricity provider they should provide details of how and when your meter is being replaced.

Your meter should be replaced by a smart meter. With the new smart meter your service should remain the same and will offer the same features as your RTC meter, you will still get an automatic peak and off-peak rate and it can turn hot water systems on and off. 

More information on smart meters is available on our Reduce your energy bills page.


Home Upgrade Grant Scheme

Worcestershire County Council are working with local energy charity Act on Energy to help improve lower income homes in Worcestershire that are not being heated by mains gas central heating. If your household income is below £31,000 and you are not connected to mains gas for central heating, you could be eligible. For more information visit Home Upgrade Grant Scheme (HUG2). 

Act on Energy 

If you are unsure or need independent advice our partner charity, Act on Energy offer support and advice, they can  offer support via a specialist helpline offering support and advice on keeping warm and ways to reduce energy bills; energy saving advice; support with reading and understanding fuel bills and switching energy supplier; referrals for any free or discounted energy saving measures such as insulation. For more information visit Act on Energy  or call them on their free advice line on 0800 988 2881.

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