Trading Standards applications, licences and payments

Trading Standards applications, licences and payments

In this section you can find information on areas such as animal movements, bulk fuel, petrol, fireworks and explosives.

What we do

Worcestershire Trading Standards Service is the designated authority for the following activities:

  • Trading Standards Verification service and fees
  • Primary Authority
  • Feed businesses
  • Bulk fuel meter service
  • Animal movement
  • Petrol
  • Fireworks, explosives and pyrotechnics

Trading Standards verification service and fees

Worcestershire Regulatory Services can also provide a verification service for you.

Primary Authority

Information about fees and charges for Primary Authority as a statutory scheme for businesses trading across local authority boundaries.

Registration and approval notification of feed businesses

Feed business code, activity list and exemption form. Please note you will need to refer to the code and activity list at the top of the page this is linked to, before completing the Feed Business Exemption form at the bottom of the page.

Bulk fuel meter service hire form

We have specialist equipment available to test road tanker meters that deliver heating oil (Gas Oil and Kerosene). The service is available with a fully trained operator. Please complete this Bulk Fuel Meter Hire form.

Animal movement and performing animals

Animal and livestock movement and information about performing animals licences.

Fireworks, explosives and pyrotechnics

Information about certificates, licence applications, fees and payments.


Trading Standards is the Petroleum Enforcement Authority in Worcestershire.


Other items

Payments for any other items to Worcestershire Trading Standards can be found and made through the secure payments system.

Please ensure you send us a copy of your receipt or if you have any issues with payment please contact us at


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