About Worcestershire Trading Standards

About Worcestershire Trading Standards

Worcestershire County Council’s Trading Standards Service statutory duties relating to consumer protection and business regulation.

Worcestershire County Council’s Trading Standards Service discharges the authority’s many (around 250) statutory duties relating to consumer protection and business regulation.

The Council is the statutory enforcement authority for:

  • Weights and Measures Law
  • Food and Agricultural Standards laws
  • Product Safety Law
  • Fair Trading Laws
  • Animal Health law

This covers a wide range of legal controls which protect the residents and law-abiding businesses of Worcestershire.

What we do

Weights and measures

Weights and Measures is where the service came from originally in the 19th century, with the accuracy of equipment used in trade and the accuracy of weights indicated on pre-packed goods continuing to be part of the regulated activities that can be looked at by the team. 

Food and agricultural standards

Food and Agricultural Standards looks at the description of food products and what they contain, as opposed to the safety of food production, which is covered by our Environmental Health colleagues in WRS. Things like allergens and the horse meat scandal are both examples of what our officers would deal with. Animal feed is also regulated to ensure protections for the animals and the food chain. Officers sample products at farms and elsewhere. BSE and new variant CJD are the kind of things these controls look to prevent.

Product safety

All goods that consumers can purchase are caught by the Product Safety functions of the service as well as it covering a range of other products and aspects of their technical compliance and safety (e.g. construction products, electromagnetic compatibility of products, machinery safety.) Everything from toys to upholstered furniture, electrical goods to children’s nightwear can be subject to examination and testing.

Fair trading

Fair Trading is a very diverse range of legislation, encompassing everything from misleading prices to illicit tobacco controls, and “clocked” cars to counterfeit goods. Scams and the activities of rogue builders also feature in this category, along with sales to minors of age-restricted products like alcohol and tobacco.

Animal health

The team also enforces the control regimes around notifiable animal diseases that can damage the farming industry like bird flu, swine fever and foot and mouth disease. Long-standing residents may be able to remember the impact of the 2001 outbreak of the last-mentioned terrible disease and the devastating effect it had on local farmers.

How we do it

The service’s 13 staff focus on the investigation of criminal offences and these activities are governed by the same legal processes as other law enforcement organisations. They also offer assured advice to local businesses under the Primary Authority approach. All of this work supports the operation of legitimate businesses whilst tackling the rogues and protecting the public, linking in to the key priorities of the Council around Open for Business, protecting Children and Families and helping ensure the Health and Well-being of our Communities.

Business Advice Services and Policy

From start-ups and small businesses to importers and manufacturers, we can help you navigate complex legislation to protect your business and support good customer service.

Our professional advice and support will reduce risk while allowing businesses to grow and invest with confidence. Whether you want clarity on a specific issue or a solution to a complex problem, we can provide the help you need.

We offer businesses in the Worcestershire County Council area, a regulatory needs assessment with one of our officers to discuss your needs. During the assessment, we will identify how we can help you.

Depending on your requirements we may be able to signpost you to guidance which is free of charge; failing that we can provide you with chargeable advice tailored to your business or a full package of support. Any costs will be discussed during the assessment.

On a case-by-case basis we will also consider applications from businesses outside the County to enter a Primary Authority Partnership.

There will be no charge for inspections, the examination of production processes, procedures, and records (including informal and formal analysis) as a result of intelligence-led, risk-based inspections, investigations or projects instigated by this Service.  

Find out more by visiting our page Trading standards - Business advice services

Worcestershire Trading Standards Service Business Advice Policy (PDF)

Our Enforcement Policy

Our Enforcement Policy

This policy sets out what business and others being regulated can expect from us and explains how Worcestershire County Council Trading Standards Service will deal with non compliance.

Download our Enforcement Policy (PDF)

Tenant Fees Act 2019 (and Associated Legislation) - Financial Penalty Enforcement Policy

Tenant Fees Act 2019 (and Associated Legislation) - Financial Penalty Enforcement Policy

Legislation governing the activities of lettings agents and other businesses in the property sector provides for financial penalties as the main formal means of dealing with non-compliance. The issuing of financial penalty notices to non-complaint traders in Worcestershire is therefore the most appropriate response to the legislation, where informal advice has not resolved the noncompliance. 

Our Policy sets out the Worcestershire Trading Standards Service will take action against property agents for breaches of relevant housing legislation by means of civil financial penalties, as outlined in the supporting Enforcement Policy (adopted from the model implemented nationally by the National Trading Standards Estate and Lettings Agency Team).

Download our Tenant Fees Policy (PDF)

Data protection and privacy

This notice gives you important information about why the Trading Standards Service may collect your personal information, what we do with it, and what your rights are concerning it. You should read it before you give your consent to our processing of your information, though in some cases your consent, and even your knowledge of the collection, will not be required.

It covers the core functions of the Service in monitoring business practices, investigating alleged breaches of Trading Standards law, registering and licencing activities, promoting good business practice and supporting the development of local economies. 

How we use your information | Worcestershire County Council

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