Our Data Management and Insight Strategy

Our Data Management and Insight Strategy

We want to provide accurate, relevant, timely and consistent data securely.

Our Vision

We will provide accurate, relevant, timely and consistent data to anyone who needs it, who has authorisation to access it, in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Delivering Our Priorities

Priority 1 – Data Foundations

  • we will build strong data foundations with team responsibilities set out clearly, data sets joined up and data held and exchanged securely, as described by the relevant legislation and guided by our Information Governance
  • we will improve our understanding of data and its quality, ensuring we comply with legislation, and have strong processes for evolving our data
  • we will improve our use of data by ensuring we have the appropriate tools for using and sharing it and create Key Performance Indicators to ensure our data is being used and the quality is being improved

Priority 2 – Data Skills

  • we will ensure that staff fully understand the principles of data security and the legislation underpinning it
  • we will ensure our staff our trained and qualified in data collection and information dissemination to make the best use of data

Priority 3 – Data Availability

  • we will ensure that the right data is available to the right people, and only them, using a Privacy by Design approach
  • we will be as open as possible with our data, to encourage sharing, collaboration and wider use
  • we will work to ensure we make the best use of our data and information assets

Priority 4 – Responsible Data

  • we will ensure compliance with all relevant data protection legislation
  • we will use our data efficiently to improve services
  • we will ensure our data is accurate and that our use of it is transparent
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