Assistive technology to help you stay at home

Assistive technology to help you stay at home

Technology which can help you maintain or improve your independence or that of someone you care for.

Assistive technology is technology that supports people in their everyday lives. This can include smart home technology, mobile phones, and more specialised equipment. 

Assistive technology can

  • promote independence and autonomy, both for the person and those around them
  • be adapted and customised to the needs of the person
  • facilitate memory and recall
  • help manage potential risks in and around the home
  • enable person to live independently in their own home safely 
  • reduce the stress on family and carers, improving their quality of life, and of the person they are caring for

Technology to support you

In Worcestershire we work with Community Housing Technology Enabled Care to advise on the most suitable solution from the ever-increasing range of technology.

This can be a stand-alone equipment or an on-going service.  

Some examples of assistive technology include:  

  • a range of personal alarms that can raise assistance 24/7 these are also sometimes called lifeline alarms.
  • sensors that can automatically detect if you fall
  • equipment for those with hearing impairments
  • GPS tracking to help those living with dementia and their carers
  • Chair sensors to confirm movement
  • Alarms and visual reminders

How assistive technology can help you

It is important to consider what type of technology may best help you as the solution can be different for each person.  You should think about what you need help with, how the technology may fit in with your life, your routine, and how it will work with other items you are using.  It is also important to understand who will respond if an alarm is raised. 

If you wish to be assessed for a suitable device, contact Community Housing Technology directly through their website or telephone them on 0345 130 1469.

Paying for assistive technology

You can purchase equipment privately or if you would like a social care assessment, including a financial assessment, please get in touch with us at Worcestershire County Council mentioning that you are thinking of some assistive technology.  

You can also get information and advice from some of the links below. Many of the items of equipment are available to purchase privately.

We urge you to do your own research about all organisations before using their services.

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