Breaks from caring

Breaks from caring

Support with breaks from caring (sometimes referred to as respite care or replacement care).

Taking a break from caring

Many carers find that a friend or family member may be able to provide care or support for a few hours or more, so that they can take a break. If you have no one who can do this, you may still be able to take a break in other ways.

It’s important for everyone to take a break to recharge their batteries and even more so when you have the responsibility of a caring role. Taking regular breaks is a vital way of helping you maintain your wellbeing. It is important that you understand the options available to you and how to access them when planning a break.

Worcestershire County Council can help support carers with a break (sometimes known as replacement care or respite).

To find out more about caring and support available please visit our looking after someone page.

How are carer breaks provided?

Carer breaks can be provided in a number of ways:

  • the person you care for staying in a care home with the advantage of staff available day and night
  • you may prefer caregivers (such as a domiciliary or home care agency) to come to the home of the person you're caring for which the council can organise
    • this will depend on the needs of the person you care for.
  • support with local families in their home offered by our Shared Lives Service 
  • you may prefer a personal assistant or small care business/microenterprise to come to the home of the person you're caring for by choosing to have the care funding as a direct payment

Short breaks service provided by the Council

Worcestershire County Council has two short breaks units, based in Pershore and Stourport on Severn which provide respite care for individuals with mental health and physical disabilities.

This service is available throughout the week which includes activities and outings.   

See Getting a break | Worcestershire Association of Carers for further information.

How to arrange carer breaks

Worcestershire Association of Carers provides support for Carers on behalf of Worcestershire County Council.

For a discussion about support available to you as a Carer you can self-refer through the Worcestershire Adults Portal alternatively you can call WAC by phoning 0300 0124272

For more information please visit the Carers Hub

Is there a charge for a carer break?

Carer breaks may be subject to a charge as it is purchased for the person you are caring for and social care is a chargeable service. 

A financial assessor will contact the cared for to discuss:

  • how much the person receiving care will need to contribute towards the cost of their care
  • ensure that all the benefits that both you and the person you support are entitled to, are being claimed

See, Covering the cost of your care (Financial Assessment) for further information.

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